Freedom from Nicotine

Freedom from Nicotine

Looking for the "Easy Way to Stop Smoking," vaping, chewing or dipping? Wish you could succeed and "Never Take Another Puff," vape, dip or chew? Although "Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home" (FFN-TJH) was not written by the late Allen Carr or Joel Spitzer, it certainly could have been. The common thread between all three books is the message that coming home is vastly more do-able, and far more wonderful than the user's frightened, misguided and enslaved mind believes. It wasn't that you couldn't quit and stay free, but that you hadn't, as yet, been properly schooled as to why you really use. FFN-TJH was written by John R. Polito, a former 3 pack-a-day smoker, and the 1999 founder of the popular quitting site He's also director of both Turkeyville, Facebook's popular quit smoking support group, and Freedom, the oldest and still most focused cold turkey support site. John's 13-year mentor, Joel Spitzer is arguably the most studied smoking cessation counselor alive. WhyQuit's education director since 2000, Joel's core lessons provide the foundation for this book. Having taught cessation full-time for more than 40 years, Joel had presented more than 100 two-week, six-session quitting clinics while Allen Carr was still smoking five packs-a-day.Like John, Allen discovered the easy way the hard way. Allen's final book before dying was called "Scandal." Written the week he was diagnosed with the lung cancer that claimed him, in it he states, "I read an interesting article in the British Medical Journal recently by someone not on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry. It caught my eye because it was entitled: 'The NRT cessation charade continues.' The author is an American called John Polito who works as a nicotine cessation educator, which means he is honest about trying to stop the source of the addiction, rather than maintain it." Educate your natural instincts. Live the magic of becoming smarter than nicotine's influence upon your brain. Discover why knowledge isn't just power but a quitting method. Just one brave step, yes you can!

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ISBN 9781478333029
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