Essay on The Republic Day in 500 Words for School Student

Essay on The Republic Day in 500 Words for School Student

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The Republic Day Essay in English 500 Words for School Student

Essay on The Republic Day in 500 Words for School Student
500 Words Essay on The Republic Day for School or College Student
➦ Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year. Of Course our country got independence on 15th August 1947 but the real independence was granted to India on 26th January 1950.

Our own constitution was implemented on this day. One 26th January 1950 India was declared Sovereign Democratic Republic. Dr Rajendra Prasad became the first President of our country.

Before 26th January, 1950 Chakrabarti Raj Gopalachari was the Governor-General of India. Our country achieved real freedom on this day.

So our country celebrate this day as the Republic Day every year. All schools, colleges and offices celebrated this day by hoisting our tricolor flag. Sweets are distributed.

Cultural programmes are also arranged. In Parliament House, Assembly and Secretariat the flag is hoisted. At the Red Fort the President hoists the addresses the nation. Every body waits sitting before their television for this moment.

➦ In our school also this day is celebrated with a great eclat. Our Principal hoists the flag and addresses the students.

This year also before a week our music teacher called a meeting of the students and teachers. How the Republic Day should be celebrated was to be decided in that meeting.

He constituted an another team for musical programmes. The preparation started. A few girls were also selected to perform the cultural programme and to sing national anthem. Day before the Republic Day our Principal examined all our preparations.

➦ On 26th morning we reached the school at 7 o'clock in the morning. The field was decorated with paper flags and colored soil. The stage was also decorated.

A few dozens of chairs were arranged in a few rows. All the teachers came of 8 o'clock. They sat on the chairs. The Principal came exactly at 9 o'clock. He pulled the rope, the flag unfurled.

Flowers fell down from the flag. The girls began to sing national anthemã…¡'Jana, gana, mana adhinayaka jaya he ......' Our Principal saluted the flag. After that our Principal addressed the students.

He explained the importance of the day. He also described how the country achieved the independence of the country. He explained the duties of the students for the country.

➦ The Principal's speech was very impressive. The students were encouraged with his speech. He told the students to study sincerely so that they may be the good citizens of the country.

He told that we are the future leaders, ministers and officers of the country. We are the nation makers. So our character, our labour and sense of responsibility count much.

➦ At 10 o'clock cultural programme began. First of all five girls of the same height in white dress came on the stage and sang national songs. The musical instruments also accompanied them.

After that an one act was fought and how the freedom fighters were suppressed by the Britishers. The cultural programme was very attractive. I remember all these programmes even today.

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