Essay on The Christmas Day in 500 Words for Students

Essay on The Christmas Day in 500 Words for Students

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The Christmas Day Essay in 500 Words For Students

Essay on The Christmas Day in 500 Words for Students
500 Words Essay on Christmas Day For Student -
➦ The Christmas Day is a very important day for the Christians. It falls on 25th of December. On this day Jesus Christ was born. Jesus Christ is the chief and only prophet of Christians.

They worship Jesus Christ considering him the only representative of God. Christian religion assames that the Almighty God sent His only son to take off all miseries of the people.

He came on this earth. He showed the path of God to the people. Ultimately he sacrificed his life for the welfare of the humanity. He lived for the welfare of the humanity and even died for the same.

He distributed his whole life the sweets of welfare and salvation. It is said that the ruler of that period could not tolerate his popularity. Even the evil doers of the society could not tolerate him.

The evil doers thought that he was the person who lessened their popularity and diverted the attention of the people towards God. He made them believe that there is only God in the Universe.

If one requires anything he should directly pray to God for that. He tried to divert the people away from the tantra, mantra and exploitation of the people who were creating illusion and entrapping the innocent people into it.

So both the forces were very powerful. They tried their level best to dame him. When they could not succeed, they tried to kill him. They tortured him in many ways.

They forced Christ to wear the crown of thorns. They also forced him to carry cross. Finally they crucified him on the cross which Jesus Christ carried himself.

They let him lie on the cross and put mails on his both the hands and feet. They made him to swing on the cross for three days. After that they plunged an arrow into his chest.

He died at that time. He was buried in the grave. The guards were deputed to see the grave so that the followers of Christ could not take his dead body out from the grave.

On the third day it is said he got up and came out of the grave and went to console his mother and followers. He told that he would come again and went for the union to the Great Soul.

So Jesus Christ died for the welfare of the humanity. When he was tortured by the rulers, he prayed to God to excuse them because they did not know what they were doing.

➦ On the day of Christmas the churches are decorated with lights. A man is made Shanta Clause wearing a special type of loose dress and a high cap. Shanta Claus has long beard.

Actually Shanta Claus is an imaginary figure. Every Christian thinks that Shanta Clause will come to bless him and his family. The Christmas tree, made artificially, is decorated beautifully with lights and cotton.

Holy hymns are sung in praise of Christ. Sweets are distributed. Candles are also lighted before the image of Christ. The occasion is celebrated for a week.

➦ The crucification of Jesus Christ shows the highest sacrifice for humanity. It  tells us how the universal happiness can be achieved.

To achieve universal happiness one has to pay a great price as Jesus Christ paid by sacrificing his own life.

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