Essay on Self Help Is The Best Help in 300 Words for Student

Essay on Self Help Is The Best Help in 300 Words for Student

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Essay On Self Help Is The Best Help For Students

Essay on Self Help is the best help in 300 Words for Student

300 Plus Words Essay On Self Help Is The Best Help For Students
➦ The book bearing the title Self-help by Samuel Smiles is a classic on the subject. It appeared in the closing decades of the last century and became immensely popular.

It inspired millions of readers. Many must have received moral sustenance and strength from its pages.

It proves, by a large number of actual cases, the truth of the dictum that God helps those who help themselves.

➦ But the approach of Samuel Smiles and his treatment of the subject can justly be called rather individualistic.

Today it is expected that a State, whether capitalistic or socialistic, or else based on a mixed economy, should be a Welfare State.

Everyone's welfare depends on and is determined by many things. In times of floods, famines and other natural disasters, self-help, exceptional cases apart, is of little help.

For every one of the cases cited by Samuel Smiles, where in spite of adverse circumstances a man rose to great heights, we can easily imagine thousands and thousands of cases where in adverse circumstances men went down despite all efforts of help themselves.

➦ Family circumstances, schooling, the influence of society, the opportunities open to all, and self-help - each and all of these contribute to success or failure in life; they form an indivisible unity, a single set-up.

➦ Of course, in spite of all help, guidance, support and succor, without self-help failure in life is certain. Society cannot do man's thinking or his personal duties for him.

Self-help means doing one's best. A college professor enjoined on his students the duty of acting as their own private secretaries or their own personal assistants.

For, when all is said and done, every man is the architect of his own fortune. Given the necessary conditions it is up to each individual to make or mar his life. Even in a welfare State character is destiny.

Even in the best schools and colleges, attention to study, an interest in the lessons, in the exercises, a real eagerness to improve the mind and to acquire knowledge, to cultivate the understanding and to build up character are the personal responsibilities of each and every student.

Self-help comes in here. societies as well as individuals need self-help; this is a basic condition of success.

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