Essay on Importance of Color In Our Life in 400 Words

Essay on Importance of Color In Our Life in 400 Words

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Essay on Importance of Color In Our Life

Essay on Importance of Color In Our Life in 400 Words
400+ Words Essay on Importance of Color In Our Life
➥ If objects had no color the world would go blind. Colorless objects like air, sound, smell electric current are invisible. If all objects become colorless the earth would become shade less and shadow-less. Colorless material bodies will not cast any shadows.

➥ We may think of many other disastrous consequences that would happen if material things had no color. Reading and writing, keeping records and accounts, painting, theatrical performances, cinema shows, television, games and sports, detecting crime, in fact all human activities, civilization itself would, in that case, become impossible.

It is true that blind people can be taught reading and certain other activities by the touch system. But they are taught these by men who can see. The blind can neither teach the blind nor lead the blind.

➥ It can be confidently asserted that men would have perished in their primitive stage if this world had been colorless.

Why men only? All birds and beasts with eyes would have shared the same fate in a colorless and therefor invisible world.

Like is inconceivable without color. Color is an indispensable condition for the survival of all life except disease germs.

➥ In a colorless world men would not only be blind, they would also be dumb. For language cannot be born in such a world.

Unless we see things how could we invent names for them? All prose and poetry will become impossible in an invisible world. Growing and cooking food imply visibility.

In a colorless world we shall all die of starvation. It is said that love is blind but if so it is a blindness caused by the visible beauty of the person loved.

Could we have the science of numbers if all objects were invisible? Could we count such objects?

➥ Apart from the utility or vital necessity of colors there is the poetry of colors. The seven colors, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, with their varying degrees and combinations have made the world a wonderful picture gallery.

Colors have also given us beautiful metaphorical expressions such as a colorful personality, a colorful style, seeing red, green youth, the blues, a brown study, turn pale, sanguinary, a blueprint, a red letter day, it blacken one's character, the white radiance of eternity, once in a blue moon, to give the green light, and many more. Automatically changing colored lights regulate traffic.

➥ Let us remember the truth that we can neither survive in a colorless world nor find any beauty in such a world. It is color which gave birth to the saying, "Nature is the best and the greatest painter." Fire would burn us and solid objects would smash us if they were colorless and invisible.

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