Dussehra Festival Essay; Why Is Dussehra Celebrated in India

Dussehra Festival Essay; Why Is Dussehra Celebrated in India

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Essay on Dussehra Festival; Why is Dussehra celebrated in India

25 October
Dussehra 2020 in India
Date may vary

Dussehra Festival Essay; Why Is Dussehra Celebrated in India
God Durga, Image Credit : Wikipedia

Dussehra Festival Essay; Why Is Dussehra Celebrated in India
Demon Ravana, Image Credit : Wikipedia

Why is Dussehra Festival Celebrated in India? Essay -
➦ Dussehra is a very important festival of India. it is celebrated for ten days. It sis celebrated either in September or in October. It is neither too hot nor too rainy.

Rainy season is going to be fare welled. The days are very pleasant. Though we like fan but without fan also we don't feel any type of uncomfort.

During Dussehra we worship Goddness Durga for nine days. Goddness Durga is known as the Goddess of Power.

This festival is also known as the 'Navratra'. On the tenth day somewhere Ravan is fired by Ram (A man who is called an incarnation of God) which is called 'Ravan Dahan (Burning of Ravana)'.

➦ This festival is associated with Ram-Ravan Battle. Ram killed Ravana on the day of Dussehra. This day is also known as Vijaya Dashmi (The Tenth Day of Victory).

Ram Stands for goodness and Ravan for evil. On this day the goodness got victory over the most powerful devil who was the enemy of humanity as well as the goodness.

It is said that Lord Ram worshiped Goddess Durga to provide power to him so that he might kill the powerful devil, Ravan.

After the worship of nine days Goddess Durga appeared and granted him boon. On the blessing of Goddess Durga Ram killed Ravan on the tenth day.

Thus the great enemy of the society and the goodness was killed on the day of Dussehra. So the people worship Goddess Durga for nine days and celebrate Vijaya Dashmi on the tenth day.

➦ During Dussehra the people buy new clothes. They think always about religion. The image of Durga is established in every muhalla (area or local area) or in temple.

Goddess Durga has many hands and in each hand she has an arm. She kills Mahishasur (Demon), a great notorious devil.

All these situations show the power of Goddess Durga. The people wear new dresses and eat delicious food during the Dussehra.

➦ Dussehra is an important Indian festival. It brings happiness. The people wait the whole year for this festival. The whole country becomes religious during ten days.

The devotees and tantriks (Tantrik : Man who has some natural or dark power) meditate during Dussehra.

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