Essay on My Country India in 500 Words for School Students

Essay on My Country India in 500 Words for School Students

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My Country India Essay in 500 Words for School students

Essay on My Country India in 500 Words for School Students
500 Words Essay on My Country India in English for School Students
➦ My country is India. It was a glorious country in the past. It is called a sub-continent because its area is bigger than many of the countries. Its population is still bigger.

It is next to China in population. In the past, area of India was much bigger than the India of today. India was very rich. Agriculturally it was sound.

There were too many sources of minerals and ores India exported several things to other countries. There were also several cash-crops which were exported to other countries.

There were several developed universities in India. People from other countries used to come to study in Nalanda University and Taxila University.

These universities existed in B. C. The name of India has been changing time to time. In the ancient time it was called Aryavarta.

After that it was called Bharat on the name of the most powerful and judicious king Bharat. Still it called Bharat.

When Britishers came here as rulers they began to call it India on the name of the famous river Indus.

➦ Our country is unique in the world. It has several civilizations, tribes, religious and languages. It has different castes, cultures and way of living.

The Bengalies are quite different from Punjabies or other inhabitants of India. The other communities are also quite different among themselves. In spite of all these differences they all are Indians.

Our country has been declared secular state. Here the people of all castes and creeds, civilizations and cultures live together. They all call themselves Indians. Our country is a democratic country.

The representatives of all states, of all countries and languages go to the parliament. In the government there is no differentiation on the basis of religion, language or caste.

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian all have equal rights to represent their country. Our country is an agricultural country. The government has introduced many technologies of agriculture.

It is helping the farmers by granting loans and manures on subsidized rate. In spite of all these things our country has a number rivers. The planes of these rivers are very fertile.

Our country has also developed much in science and technology. It is competing on world level. Among the scientifically developed countries our country is also one of them.

In the field or religion also our country enlightens the whole world. It has been directing the whole world. Mahatma Buddha, Mahavir and several others enlightened the whole world.

So many rishis, maharshies and other saints introduced several theories of science and mathematics.

➦ Our country is undoubtedly, a great country in every respect. The world always fears from our country. All the developed countries buy talents from our country.

But there is one thing that obstructs  in progress. That is our simplicity. We are so much simple and honest that we cannot apply the tricks, stolen technologies and brains for our development.

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