Essay on God Jesus Christ [Yeshua] in 550 & 750 Words

Essay on God Jesus Christ [Yeshua] in 550 & 750 Words

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Essay on Jesus Christ [Yeshua] In 750 Words

Essay on God Jesus Christ [Yeshua] in 550 & 750 Words
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➤ Yeshu, also called Jesus of Galilee or Jesus of Nazareth, founded Christianity which, of all religions today has the largest number of followers in the world.

He was an embodiment of love and sacrifice and gave the message of peace, brotherhood and humanity, which are still guiding billions of people all over the world.

The Deeds and messages of Christ, in the form of sayings and parables are recorded in the New Testament of the Bible.

➜ According to the biblical Gospel accounts, miraculous events surrounded the conception and birth of Jesus Christ. It is believed by his followers that he was miraculously conceived by Mother Mary.

He was born in 6 BC in Bethlehem near Jerusalem. He lived a simple and humble life, and most likely grew up in the piety that was cultivated in home and also took part in pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

As a child, he took keen interest in religious discussions. He also studied Hebrew scriptures.

➤ During his lifetime, Palestine was experiencing great distress under the rule of the three sons of Herod, and oppressive Roman procurators.

Wandering through settlements in Galilee and the neighboring countryside in the company of twelve disciples, Yeshu Preached a message of religious reform and divine love.

He constantly presented the reality of God and the validity of his will, in a colloquial way and made them comprehensible to his hearers, without using the established structure of sacred texts and traditions and any religious point of view.

➤ His metaphors, parables, and proverb-like utterances, were not used to explain traditional teachings of biblical theology but instead, appealed directly to the everyday experience.

He calls on people to behave in this given world in conformity to the original will of God and his kingdom.

He was received with enthusiasm by common people because of his extraordinary healing powers, his effective teaching by parables and his message of the redeeming love of God for every person.

He also performed certain miracles - healed the sick and brought back to life the dead. The new religion that Yeshu preached was rooted in humanity and universal brotherhood, but was not in conformity with the traditional Hebrew doctrines.

➤ How much Yeshua was concerned with human beings is shown especially by his 'commandment of love', which he not only taught but also practiced to the point of offensiveness.

In it, is concentrated the 'better righteousness' that he demands of his disciples. But, instead, the teachings of Yeshua was strongly opposed by the Parisees (a Jewish Society of Scholars) and the privileged classes, because of his attacks on their hypocrisy and his interest in the poor.

Though Yeshua was regarded by his followers as the long-expected messiah, he was suspected by the Jewish and Roman authorities of having revolutionary aims.

After the Last Supper with his disciples, he was betrayed by one of them, Judas Iscariot. He was examined by the high Priests and the Sanhedrin (a Jewish Council with religious and political functions), and was condemned as a blasphemer deserving death.

Under Roman Law, Christ was crucified at Golgotha (Jerusalem), as a political rebel and was buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.
➤ The term Jesus Christ, designates not only a historical person who lived in Palestine, during the reigns of the Roman Emperors, but also one who has been the object of Christian faith and worship for almost 20 centuries.

These two designations may be distinguished, but they cannot be separated. It is, therefore, impossible to construct a life of Yeshua in the conventional sense of biography.

Rather, Yeshu can be described on the basis of the way he was remembered. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is observed by Christians as Good Friday every year.

When Yeshua was put on the cross he uttered "O father forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing." This shows that Christ's hear abounded with love even for his worst enemies. It is said that He was resurrected three days after his crucifixion.

➤ He was indeed a great path-finder of mankind, and Christians believe him to be the son of God. Christianity stems from the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth in 1st century AD.

It can be divided into three principal groups : the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Protestant Churches. Christianity began as a movement within Judaism.

He  was a Jew and his followers accepted him as the Christ' or chosen one to fulfill God's promise. Believers in one eternal truth and one universal salvation, celebrated the rites instituted by Christ, especially baptism.

Authority passed through the Apostle Peter and teachings of Jesus were eventually consolidated in a body of writing known as the Gospels.

Essay on Jesus Christ [Yeshua] In 550 Words 

➤ The Christmas Day is very important day for the Christians. It falls on 25th of December. On this day Yeshu was born.

Jesus Christ is the chief and only prophet of Christians. They worship Jesus Christ as the only representative of God. Christian religion assumes that the Almighty God sent.

His only son to take off all miseries of the people. He came on this earth. He showed the path of God to the people. Ultimately he sacrificed his life for the welfare of the humanity.

➤ He lived for the welfare of the humanity and even died for the same. He distributed his whole life the sweets of welfare and salvation. It is said that the ruler of that period could not tolerate his popularity.

Even the evil doers of the society could not tolerate him. The evil doers thought that he was the person who lessened their popularity and diverted the attention of the people towards God.

He made them believe that there is only God in the Universe. If one requires anything he should directly pray to God that.

He tried to divert the people away from the tantra,m mantra and exploitation of the people who were creating illusion and entrapping the innocent people into it.

➤ So both the forces were very powerful. They tried their level best to defame him. When they could not succeed, they tried to kill him.

They tortured him in many ways. They forced Christ to wear the crown of thorns. They also forced him to carry cross.

Finally they crucified him on the cross which Yeshua carried himself. They let him lie on the cross and put mails on his both the hands and feet.

They made him to swing on the cross for three days. After that they plunged an arrow into his chest. He died at that time. He was buried in the grave.

➤ The guards were deputed to see the grave so that the followers of Christ could not take his dead body out from the grave. On the third day it is said he got up and came out of the grave and went to console his mother and followers.

He told that he would come again and went for the union to the Great Soul. So Yeshua died for the welfare of the humanity.

When he was tortured by the rulers, he prayed to God to excuse them because they did not know what they were doing.

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➤ On the day of Christmas the churches are decorated with lights. A man is made Santa Claus wearing a special type of loose dress and a high cap.

Santa Claus has long beard. Actually Shanta Claus is an imaginary figure. Every Christian thinks this Shanta Clause will come to bless him and his family.

The Christmas tree, made artificially, is decorated beautifully with lights and cotton. Holy hymns are sung in praise of Christ, Sweets are distributed.

Candles are also lighted before the image of Christ. The occasion is celebrated for a week.

➤ The crucification of Jesus Christ shows the highest sacrifice for humanity. It tells us how the universal happiness can be achieved.

To achieve universal happiness one has to pay a great price as Jesus Christ paid by sacrificing his own live.

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