Essay on Discipline in English for Student

Essay on Discipline in English for Student

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500+ Essay on Discipline in English for College Student

Essay on Discipline in 500 Words in English for Student
Discipline Essay in English For Class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Student
➦ Doing useful work in the best teacher of discipline. School and college work in boyhood and youth and some useful and suitable occupation in later life are calculated to make us a disciplined nation.

We Indians are not yet a property disciplined people. After so many years of freedom nearly sixty per cent of our boys and girls have remained deprived of school and college education. They remain undisciplined during the formative period of their lives.

This results in habits of slackness, laziness and idleness. It has been rightly remarked that 'an idle brain in the devil's workship'. And a devil's worship is the lot of the majority of our boys and girls.

Vulgarity, uncontrolled passions, unchecked evil impulses, often criminal habits, absence of all restraint, and, in short, complete lack of discipline mark the lives of millions of our neglected boys and girls. No work, no discipline.

➦ Then we have literally millions of social parasites. The reference is to our army of mendicants, beggars, sadhus, bairagis and other ilders. A good number of these become notorious bad characters and criminals.

They live without a conscience and without a character. They are a danger to our national life. Here also we have a glaring proof of the principle; no work, no discipline.

➦ Only about forty per cent of our boys and girls are receiving some education. But even that is far from satisfactory. This because the atmosphere in the homes of most of the students is far from desirable.

The atmosphere in many schools, colleges and universities also is not helpful for character-building. Most teachers and heads of educational institutions do not have the personality which inspires respect.

The standard teaching is not generally very high and the textbooks, the curriculum and the examination system are defective. Then there is the fear of unemployment.

Juvenile crime has become a common feature of our national life. Unfair means or very poor work enables many students to pass. So here also : no work, no discipline.

➦ Indiscipline also result from unemployment and poor wages or inadequate salaries. Even government servants in despair go wild and become undisciplined. Even the police, doctors and nurses and other orders of services are passing through the crisis of indiscipline.

➦ And, lastly, our system of agriculture which provides livelihood to nearly eighty per cent o four people, does not keep them engaged for many months every year. Our agriculturists need supplementary occupations.

Village riots, litigation and other wasteful activities has undermined the character of an alarmingly large number of our people. But agriculture apart, even in industrial centers, conditions of life are such as to harm the characters of our laborers.

➦ We can become a disciplined people only if and when home life, school and college life, like in fields and factories, like in various services are made worthwhile. Complete overhauling of our national life in all departments is needed.

Lastly, it may be pointed out that discipline is not an enemy of happiness nor of the legitimate pleasures of a balanced and fruitful personal and social life.

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700 Words Essay on Discipline in English For Student

➦ Discipline means order. Life without order becomes hell. Discipline is essential to keep the social life balance. If there is no discipline in life, a man becomes selfish.

He will think only for this interest. For the welfare of the society and to keep balance in the society there are certain rules to be followed. These rules are prescribed for the welfare of all.

To maintain the sweet and happy relation we have to live under some restrictions. These restriction are discipline. If we adopt these restriction, the life becomes very sweet.

For example the younger should pay respect to their elders. They should greet them properly at the time of their first meeting. The elders should also keep care of their youngers.

They should always guide and help the youngers so that their proper progress may occur in their life.

The elders should also make some sacrifice for the welfare and proper progress of the youngers in their career. There is the bondage of duties and rights.

One should not avail the rights without performing one's duties. If one is attentive in one's duties, he should be provided the rights accordingly. Every action should have its proper return.

No one should encroach the rights of others. If discipline is not maintained properly, the human life will not remain better than the life of animals.

➦ Discipline is very important and essential in life. It is needed at every step of life for success. Without discipline there is social imbalance. Crime also prevails throughout.

The sweetness of human life and relation disappears. A man becomes selfish and wants to get success at any cost, even at the cost of others interests and rights.

It is important whether we are in the office or on the playground. Our life, our society, our country or even the world will go astray without discipline.

So some sort of discipline is required everywhere. There is order in Nature. Even small disorder in the world of Nature leads to chaos.

➦ Discipline has to be learnt at every walk of life. Childhood is the best period for it. The children are taught to behave well with other member of the family.

They are taught to greet everybody in the family and relatives. They are also taught to play with other children with love and friendship.

They are also taught to play with other children with love and fresh. They do their home work and then they prepare themselves for school.

They put on their school dress and go to school. In school they learn to remain friendly with love with other children. they are taught to live in order and restriction.

They learn there about their duties for others. In later stage they learn about their duties for the state, nation and humanity.

➦ A man is just like an animal without discipline. His life and actions become aimless. In the present age, indiscipline is a great evil. It is growing in every walk of life.

Indisciplined actions cause crime and irregularity. The whole set up of the society is disturbed. The safety and security of life becomes unguarded.

The mighty persons or the persons of status will avail all the facilities. The weak will be exploited. They will be forced to lead the life of animals.

➦ The unlimited growth of population, the problem of employment and unhealthy features of the society and politics are the causes of indiscipline and unrest.

The overwheming crowd at the time of admission in good schools and colleges is also an unavoidable reason.

The persons who have capacity to apply influence for the admission of their children, succeed in getting entrance.

The genuine and intelligent students, but poor, cannot get entrance. All these elements are responsible for indiscipline, disorder and unrest.

➦ Discipline is an essential element to be maintained at every step of life. It builds character. It develops strength and unity.

It creates a sense of co-operation. So discipline must be taught from the very childhood. It is a key to success in life. The higher is the sense of discipline, the better it is for the people and the country.

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