Computer and Its Uses Essay in 500 Words for School Student

Computer and Its Uses Essay in 500 Words for School Student

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Essay on Computer and Its uses in 500 Words for School Student

Computer and Its Uses Essay in 500 Words for School Student

Computer and Its Uses Essay in 500 Words for School Student
500 Words Essay on Computer and Its uses for School or College Students - 
➦ Computer is the most wonderful achievement of science. General people cannot understand what type of thing it is. The most impossible work which is out of the approach of human mind is done by the computer.

Now-a-days the computer is found in every office. The most exact calculation can be made in no time with the help of the computer. The weather forecast, medical diagnosis and missiles control  are also made by the computer.

Robbot is also operated by the computer. Robbot is also a miraculous invention of science. it does all the works which a man can do. Sometimes it does the works which a common man cannot do.

➦ The computer has been very much popular and useful now-a-days. But its history is very old. In 3000 B.C. Abacus found a mechanical device for addition and subtraction of any digit or number.

In 1642 Blaise Pascal found a calculating number machine of 2 or 3 digits. In 1671 Leibnizs found a calculator that could perform a multiply and division.

In 1804 Joseph Jackword, a French scientist developed a loop. In 1833 Charles Babbage was the another genius in the history of computer who made a machine called Differential Engine.

This machine could calculate any type of mathematical equations. Charles Babbage is known as the 'Father of Computer'.

➦ In India Bhabha Atomic Research Centre invented in 1979, such a hand which could work on signal. In 1980, Hyderabad Science Society tried to make a robot.

In 1983, this society made a 'child robot the third'. I.B.S. Company, Bangalore made a micro-computer for domestic work and about 16 thousand to 32 thousand words may be stored in its memory.

➦ The computer is a rectangular television like structure. It has also a screen like T.V. screen on which we can see and read whatever we require.

There is a key-board. The key-board is an instrument through which we operate the computer. Its structure is like a type-writer machine.

Through key-board, file is prepared or something is set in the memory of the computer. The another instrument is a printer.

Whatever we set in the memory of the computer or the file which we prepare, may be had in the printed form through printer.

The other instruments are Central Processing Unit, Mouse, etc. The computer may be divided in tow waysㅡ(i) On the basis of function, and (ii) on the basis of size. On the basis of function it has two kindsㅡ(a) Software and (b) Hardware. On the basis of size it is divided into (a) Micro-computer, (b) Mini-computer, and (c) Super Computer.

➦ The utility of the computer is very wide. It is used in almost all the areasㅡbusiness, education, engineering, medical and scientific research. Its functioning is very quick and exact.

In Life Insurance Corporation or Banks, Computers are in frequent use. The computer can do the work of so many people and so many days in one day.

➦ The computer is no doubt a very useful instrument. It is perhaps the climax of the scientific achievement. It has its own importance in the development of the human race.

But in India, a highly populated country, it reduces the job opportunity. A computer does the works of many people in one day. So many people remain unemployed.

The scope and function of the computer should be developed so that it may work even in the agricultural field. It may also be operated by the peasants and farmers of the villages.

Proper training should be given to the common people. The computer should come out of the offices to the fields.

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