What is Public Opinion Essay in 500 Words For Students

What is Public Opinion Essay in 500 Words For Students

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Essay on Public Opinion in 500 Words for Essay College Student

What is Public Opinion Essay in 500 Words For Students
What is Public Opinion Essay in 500+ Words For Student
➦ The word 'public' is very publicly used. But who are the public? And whoever the public may be, do they always have an opinion? One of England's Prime Ministers, Robert Walpole, used to say "let's  sleep in a dog's den'. Socrates who was condemned to death by the public opinion of Athens called the public a many-headed beast.

➦ Public opinion is sometimes hypocritical and uses double language. We condemn the caste-system and in ninety-nine per cent cases strictly observe it. We condemn communal riots and every now and then we either indulge in it or, when they occur, we mentally take sides.

We condemn dowry system and demand dowry. We advocate socialism and indulge in black-marketing. Double-dealing by large sections of the pubic is not an unknown thing.

➦ Public opinion imperceptibly changes in certain circumstances or with the change of environment. The railways, the growth and conditions  of city life, hostels and restaurants within a few decades in the present century have very largely done away with many of the strictures and rigidities of the caste-system. Inter-dining is today a common thing, though not inter-marriage.

Akbar failed to stop the Sati system but Lord Canning with the active support of men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy rooted out this evil. And now public opinion would not tolerate this atrocious and inhuman custom.

Early marriage was banned legally by the Sharda Act, but it still goes on merrily. Vaccination was not given a favorable reception when first introduced in India; now the hostility to it has all but died.

Public opinion in today's India swears by Hindi as the Rashtra Bhasha (National Language). But all its high-placed advocates send their children to English schools.

➦ Public opinion is very often a dormant thing. It has to be aroused by the right kind of leadership. There is no end to human endurance.

The public helplessly suffers injustice, misery and privation until a leader arises and gives the call. And then the time should be ripe for a change or for public opinion to make itself felt.

The First World War resulted in the fall of many monarchies and several countries becoming free. The Second World War put an end to colonialism and imperialism in many parts of the world.

The revolution is Russia and China has divided world public opinion nearly all over the world.

In our own country the Indian National Congress has split with each part such a thing as a world public opinion which for a time remains undecided or half-decided but which goes on gathering momentum and which ultimately asserts itself.

➦ Public opinion is often helpless. Mahatma Gandhi was murdered and so were the two Kennedys and Martin Luther King. There was world-wide horror and condemnation.

And yet in India those very communal forces and fanatical religious feelings which caused the death of Mahatma Gandhi are still active.

The wicked passions which caused the death of the Kennedy brothers and of Martin Luther King in America have not yet died.

American public opinion was dead-set against Americans in Vietnam and Cambodia and yet the American Senate voted by thumping majority fabulous sums of money for the prosecution of these wars. Humanity, during periods of crisis, becomes a house divided against itself.

➦ We in India are prisoners of indecision. Even in such vital matters as our land policy, price-control, fighting corruption and bribery, education, tackling the unemployment and the over-population problem, we do seem to know our mind, or talk big and do nothing. In Mathew Arnold's words we are,
Living between two worlds,
The one dead, the other powerless to be born.
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