Planning Life Ahead Essay in 500 Words For College Student

Planning Life Ahead Essay in 500 Words For College Student

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Essay on Planning Life Ahead in 500 Words For Student

Planning Life Ahead Essay in 500 Words For College Student

500+ Words Essay on Planning Life Ahead in For School Student
➦ Three men were cutting stones. A passerby asked them what they were doing. The first man said, "I am cutting a peace of stone". The second replied, "I am cutting a piece of stone".

The second replied, "I am earning my bread". The third man answered, "I am building a cathedral". All the answers were correct. But only the third man's answer shows that he was working with a sense of the future.

➦ Let us imagine likewise the case of, say, twenty-five students in the Intermediate or Plus-two classes. To the question-'what are you doing at present' - twelve of them would answer that they are studying in such and such a class.

Eleven of them would say that they are intending to join the university and after graduating they would accept this or that post or job that might come their way. Such would be the answers of twenty-three students.

The twenty-fourth student would answer that although he cannot be quite sure, yet his aim was to do as distinguished work in science as accomplished by Sir J. C. Bose. The twenty-fifth student's answer might be this - that his ambition is to become a great writer.

All the twenty-five students are doing the same work but only the last two can see in the present a dream of the future. The eleven students who answer that they are studying for the sake of taking up whatever humdrum job they may get have also some sense of the future.

They are like the second stone-cutter who was doing hard work in the day to earn his wages in the evening. But their sense of the future is a very limited one.

➦ It is by linking what is with what can be that men rise to great heights. It is true that at the age of, say, seventeen or eighteen, we can not have our plans and programmes cut and dried for the rest of our lives. There is always something uncertain, undefined, provisional and conditional in our plans for the future.

But if we are to succeed in a great or at least in a creditable way in the years ahead we should begin to have some idea of the shape, at least in its outline, our lives are to assume in the future. Early youth should not only be a period of careful work; it should also be a period of planning ahead.

➦ Lower animals have no sense of the future. It is true that the bees, the ants and some birds, guided by their animal instincts, store for the future or build nests for the future. But that is all.

Only men can think of ambitious plans for the future inspired by vision and idealism. Adverse circumstances often make impossible the fulfillment of our plans and dreams.

Full many a gem of purest ray serene,The dark un-fathomed caves of ocean bear;Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,And waste its sweetness on the desert air.
➦ Not equality of status but certainly equality of opportunity for each and all is and ought to be the responsibility of a welfare state and of the society as a whole, so that more and still more young men and women may dream of their future and may plant their lives ahead.

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