Plain Living And High Thinking Essay in 500 Words

Plain Living And High Thinking Essay in 500 Words

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Essay on Plain Living and High Thinking in 500 Words in For Student

Plain Living And High Thinking Essay in 500 Words
Plain Living and High Thinking Essay For Student
➦ Even in a poor country like ours some people possess excessive wealth which runs into crores and crores of rupees. They live in palatial houses which are often overcrowded with the costliest furniture which do not always show the best taste.

They own many motor-cars and sometimes even an aeroplane or two. Their lavish spending's on food and clothes, on servants and on many articles of luxury can only be called superfluties. Their recurring expenses run into five or six figures.

But do they appreciate literature and art, science and philosophy, knowledge and culture? With rare exceptions the answer is in the negative. Their life is generally a life of the costliest vulgarity.

It is a life not of plain living and high thinking, but of high living and plain thinking. In the true sense of the phrase it is not even life of high living marked by taste and refinement. As Dr. Johnson says, "There is no dearth of scoundrels but men of pleasure are few".
➦ But in these times of soaring prices, leave aside high thinking, plain living itself is fairly expensive. Take a family of four people living in either a small town or city. There is the husband, the wife and two children.

The husband is the sole bread-earner. Living with the utmost economy the house rent, food, clothing, the education of children, the electricity charge and other necessary expenses will mean a monthly expenditure of at least a thousand to fifteen hundred rupees.

Today plain living does not mean inexpensive living. A decent amount of money is needed for plain living. Food adulteration, spurious medicines and other articles of deceptive value and doubtful utility make worse an already bad situation.

Added to these are the worries and anxieties caused by a sense of insecurity and the fear of an uneasy world peace being disturbed and destroyed by war.
➦ Incompetence, inefficiency, bribery and corruption in administration, ever falling educational standards, have all but killed the chances of high thinking. For the majority of even the so-called educated classes neither healthy plain living is possible nor real high thinking.

If an enquiry committee tried to collect facts and figures about the number and quality of books studied by our ministers and parliamentarians, our well paid officials and officers, our lawyers, even our teachers and professors, the result would be a very disappointing one.

It seems the vast majority of even our educated countrymen have lost the art of thinking. Intellectual life, if not entirely absent in India, has become confined to a very few people indeed. This microscopic minority has become very ineffective.

➦ Just as we have a very very small number of first rank political leaders unsupported by the second, third and fourth ranks, similarly in knowledge and thought we have a few men of exceptional ability, but the second, third and fourth ranks cannot be found.

High thinking is not an isolated or merely individualistic affair. We need a vast number of people, rank behind rank, who understand and appreciate and thus encourage high thinking in the life of gifted people. The law of averagers is operative here as elsewhere.

We have to create and establish an intellectual average before we can hope to have in our midst as adequate number of men naturally engaged in high thinking.

➦ The overwhelming majority of our people are today leading sub-human lives. We have to take them out of this morass through educational and economic progress; we have to bring about great social changes before we can hope to have in our midst the right number of men of plain living and high thinking. Till then this ideal will remain only a pious with.

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