Short Essay on Indian Muslim and Indian Culture

Short Essay on Indian Muslim and Indian Culture

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Indian Muslims and Indian Culture Short Essay

Short Essay on Indian Muslim and Indian Culture
➽ The first very powerful and far-reaching effect of the coming of Muslims to India was a change from within effected in the Hindu religion itself.

Numerous gods and goddesses, ghosts and spirits, demons and witches were blindly worshiped by the teeming millions of Hindus.

Religious heart-searching and religious self-purification began among the Hindus under the impact of Islam. The Vaishnava movement was the result.

This movement created noble and heart-appealing Hinduism and brought the teeming millions in direct touch with God whom they worshiped.

Before this movement the priest was considered or looked upon as being more powerful than God himself. The movement dethroned the priest.

And what a rich cultural heritage it gave in the form of divine music and poetry of the Vaishnava saints !

➽ Before the coming of the Muslims, the priests gave no encouragement to the speech of the people. Under Muslim impact began the rise the rise of the vernaculars in India.

And to this vernacular literature in many languages, the Muslims made rich contributions. Thousands of Arabo-Persian words have become living parts of the vocabulary of nearly every Indian vernacular.

➽ Music, painting, architecture, new examples of wood work, metal work, embroidery, clay work, needle work, carpet-making, many designs and fashions in clothing bear eloquent testimony to Muslim contributions to Indian culture.

A new pattern of urban civilization was given to India by the Muslims For the first time a written administration was started by the Muslims resulting in the rise of an urban middle class.

A remarkable contribution of the Muslims was the introduction of a secular liberal education.

Millions of Hindus of all castes and classes were given education by the Moulvis, who made no attempt either to teach religion or to convert their Hindu pupils to Islam.

Long before the Muslims came to India, education had fallen on evil days in India. The subject or syllabus of education was circumscribed and not many outside the class of would-be priests received received this education.

➽ Under the leadership and guidance of Sher Shah Suri, and later, of Akbar the Great, the land tenure system was comprehensively revised.

The rights of tenants and farmers were thus considerably protected. Before the advent of the Muslims few people outside India had an idea of the greatness or value of Hindu thoughts and philosophy.

Even after the Gupta dynasty, India as a political and military power was not on the world map. For the first time now in arts and crafts, in international trade and commerce, in military and political spheres, India became a world power.

➽ We cannot think of a culture becoming complete without a developed and resourceful prose.

The Muslims were the first to give Indian high class prose as well as the prose of all types, first in Persian and later on in Urdu and ins several other Indian languages.

➽ The social fusion which began after the coming of the Muslims has changed for the better the minds and manners of the Hindus.

Also Hindu mysticism has mixed with Muslim mysticism and the resulting synthesis has greatly enriched the cultural life of India.

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