Essay on India vs Hindu Nation in English in 500 Words

Essay on India vs Hindu Nation in English in 500 Words

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500 Plus Words Essay on India vs Hindu Nation

Essay on India vs Hindu Nation in English in 500 Words
India vs Hindu Nation Essay in English in 500+ Words
➦ It is one thing to be a Hindu; it is a very different thing to desire a Hindu Rashtra. Our nation builders like Dadabhai Naoroji, Lokamanya Tilak, Gokhale, Lala Lajpat Rai, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru and about more than one thousand greatest Indians were deadly opposed to the idea of the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in India.

➦ Hindu social polity and the Hindu social system resulted in the enslavement of Hindus for nearly one thousand years.

The Varnashrama system and the caste system condemn more than eighty percent Hindus to a sub-human existence.

In a Hindu Rashtra, Varna and caste distinctioins will destroy the solidarity and the unity of the Hindus themselves.

Priests, Mahants, Gurus, beggars and sadhus and supporters of dirty superstitions, and Seths and Mahajans who want to keep down the vast majority of the Hindus, will monopolise all powers and keep down the overwhelming majority of the Hindus.

So it is clear that a Hindu Rashtra is an enemy of the Hindus themselves.

➦ Foreign imperialist powers in combination with the moneyed classes favor the idea of a Hindu Rashtra. Politics and economics are not Hindu or Muslim. The are just human. About eighty five per cent Indians are Hindus.

If a government or a Rashtra is determined enough and enlightened enough to better the fate of Indians as such, the conditions of the fifteen per cent non-Hindu Indians it cannot certainly leave out of its purview.

➦ We have in India nearly twenty cores non-Hindus. Is it a matter of pride to the Hindus to condemn these twenty crores to the positions of inferior Indians? In England and other advanced countries of the west Protestant Christians, Roman Catholic Christians, non-Christians and atheists or free thinkers enjoy an equal status.

More than half a century ago the voters of England elected Dadabhai Naoroji to the British Parliament in preference to an English candidate.

It is more important for us to make non-Hindu Indians feel that they enjoy equal rights with Hindus.

How can we expect fifteen per cent non-Hindus all over India to be loyal to and proud of India if we support the dangerous idea of a Hindu Rashtra? Similar was the mistake of Hitler who tortured the German Jews.

Equally dangerous for America is the ill-treatment of the Negroes. We shall be India's greatest enemy unless we make every Indian, Hindu or non-Hindu, feel equally safe in and equally proud of India.

The advocates of Hindu Rashtra are the greatest enemies of Hindus, of Hinduism, and of India.

➦ All governments are based on opinion. No government based on brute force can survive for long.

If Muslims are compelled to feel that they are inferior citizens of India they will become sworn and determined enemies of India.

The strongest Hindu majority will be helpless against the determined and organized power of nearly twenty crores non-Hindus.

These aided by foreign imperialist powers will sabotage and undermine all constructive work in India.

The police and the army and communal organizations will be helpless against them. India cannot destroy its non-Hindu population.

Nor can it squeeze out or drive its non-Hindu population into Pakistan or elsewhere. Nor can it reduce them to the position of untouchables.

But India can, through the ideal and practice of a secular democracy, make them a source of strength to the whole of India. India is the motherland of every Indian and not of the Hindus only.

In fact it is the motherland of all mankind. Let us not be traitors to Indian history.

The India of the future, like the India of the pat, can be built up only with the whole-hearted co-operation of those who gave us Ashoka, Vikramaditya, Akbar the Great, Ajanta and the Taj Mahal.

Hinduism is greater than any Hindu Rashtra. So down with all those who shout the meaningless slogan of Hindu Rashtra.

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