What India Can Learn From The West | Essay

What India Can Learn From The West | Essay

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500+ Words Essay on What India Can Learn From the West

500+ Words Essay on What India Can Learn From the West
What India Can Learn From The West Essay in 500 Words
Max Muller's book India : What it can teach us, appeared in England more than a century ago. Famous German scholars, French scholars and English scholars have written in praise of Indian thought and many aspects of Indian culture.

We must repay this debt and learn to appreciate and profit by the good things which we can learn from the West. From the West we have already learnt much but we have still to learn much more.

➦ Democracy and parliamentary institution in India are a gift of the West. Our administrative structure and administrative set up are modeled on the Western pattern.

Our land army, our air force and our navy are also similarly modeled. Engineering and technology in India are also gifts of the West.

The railways, the telegraph, the wireless, the postal communication, the banking system, and many other inventions and institutions such as surgery and the western system of medicine and many other Indian industries serve as reminders of what India has learnt and can learn from the West.

➦ The printing press, paper currency, electricity, cement, artificial manure, scientific research, the short story, the novel, modern Indian poetry, modern Indian drama, Indian books on law, economics, politics, history, geography and on nearly every other branch of knowledge owe their inspiration and guidance to the West.

➦ Education all over India is patterned on European lines. No other system of education appeals to the majority of Indians.

The maktab and the pathshala are relics of the vanishing past. So are the Pandits and the Moulvis.

➦ Under the impact of the West, our social thinking, our religious thoughts and beliefs, many of our age-long customs and practices are undergoing considerable changes.

Orthodoxy has been retreating all along the line and is now on the defensive. The Indian women, the Indian peasant , the Indian labour, the so-coaled lower castes and classes have become aware of their new status in modern India.

➦ But the past dies hard. Revolution, when it comes, brings about quick transformation. But it takes a long time for a revolution to come about. In many respects we are still prisoners of our own past.

Caste and untouchability, communalism, bloodshed and violence, various forms of crimes, excessive litigation, and out of date social and economic structures are all survivals and hangovers from the past.

The process of healthy westernization has so far only touched the fringe of our national life. The example of the West can teach us to overcome these evils.

The New Indian thought is still to be born. The West has abolished illiteracy, poverty and unemployment.

The difference be tween Western institutions in India and in the West is that here they are being run on inefficient lines whereas in the West they are being run by right men on the right lines.

It will not do for India to become an inferior copy of the West. We should also catch up with the efficiency and the qualitative excellence of the West.

By learning in the right way the good things of the West we shall not lose our soul, but shall regain it. We have to be enriched by world culture, and we have to enrich world culture.

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