Importance of The Common Man Essay in 500 Words For Student

Importance of The Common Man Essay in 500 Words For Student

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Essay on Importance of The Common Man in 500 Words

Importance of The Common Man Essay in 500 Words For Students

500 Words Essay on Importance of The Common Man in English For Student
➦ The world's population is more than five billion. Out of these the number of great or great or eminent persons will hardly exceed a five figure number. Fame and importance and uncommon eminence or prominence come to hardly one person in a hundred thousand.

What about the rest? A little reflection and calm thinking will teach us that we should not allow ourselves to be deceived by fame. The common man is the very life of society. What makes the common man so valuable and so important? A number of things.

➦ It is the common man and woman who produce the wealth of the world. food, clothing, housing, a thousand other things of use are all produced by the common people. If they go on strike, civilization will come to a standstill. Democracy depends not on exceptional men but on the vast multitudes.

➦ Can we even think of civilization as flourishing and progressing without at the same time thinking of the common man? Marx had the common man in his mind when he said, "Workers of the world unite".

Not only as the producer of wealth but in many other ways the common man is vital to civilization. As householder, as postman, policeman, shopkeeper, clerk and accountant, hospital worker, as a teacher, lawyer, official, engine driver, railway guard, flight officer, ship worker, cook, iron and wood worker, journalist, typist and steno, and as a worker in many other common spheres of life, the common man is of supreme value to civilization.

Mahatma Gandhi was never tired of speaking about the masses or the dumb millions without whose co-operation and sacrifices India could never have become free.

➦ The home is the cradle of civilization. The overwhelming  majority of homes and families consist of ordinary men, women and children and children. They lend strength and vitality to national life.

Folk songs,  folk dances, folk tales, folk music, folk lore and the moral norm and standard of social life are all gifts of the ordinary man. Games and sports where we see 'young barbarians' at play, and about which the great Duke of Wellington said that the battle of Waterloo was won on England's playgrounds, also lend many sterling qualities of character to the common citizens of all nations.

Society or humanity will be the poorer if every human being were unusually great or famous. Innocence, homeliness, the common touch, the little nameless and unremembered but all the same valuable quality of ordinary common people are seldom associated with great and famous men.

As civilization advances and as democratic traditions grow, the quality and character of the average man also grow. Let us pay due tribute to the anonymous common man.

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