Essay on Importance of English Language in India

Essay on Importance of English Language in India

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Essay on Importance of English Language in India in 500 Words

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500+ Words Essay on Importance of English Language in India

500+ Words Essay on Importance of English Language in India
➦ Let us take first of all books on Indian culture and on other facts and aspects of Indian life. Works of Anand Coomarswami, Arabindo Ghose, Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita, Swami Ram Tirth, Sen Gupt's six-volume History of Indian Philosophy, Tilak's The Arctic Home of the Aryans, the works of Tagore, and a hundred or more important works on India and Indian culture are all in English.

They are hardly available in other Indian languages, certainly not in Hindi. An English-knowing Indian can improve and enrich his mind and can have knowledge and understanding of Indian culture which no Hindi book can give.

The same is true of books available in English by western orientalists on India and Indian culture and civilization. The merely Hindi-knowing man is here at a great disadvantage.

➦ There are, again, many valuable books on India's history of all periods, on the history of the Sikhs, on Indian anthropology, ancient Hindu Law, Indian mythology, on the mineral resources of India, on India's fauna and flora, on the life, manners and customs of India, on India's social polity, on Sanskrit literature written in English, which are closed books to a mere Hindi-knowing Indian.

There are also the linguistic surveys of India, the census reports for successive decades, the Imperial Gazetteers, the city Gazetteers, books on Indian economics, the Indian Constitution, books on the forest wealth and the mineral wealth of India, on Indian trade and commerce, Indian agricultural research, India's industries including her cottage industries, India's arts and crafts, Indian finance, modern India's scientific discoveries and so on and so forth.

Few, if any, of these valuable treasures of knowledge and information are available to a mere Hindi knowing Indian or for that matter to any Indian who does not know English. Today for the love and understanding of India a very good knowledge of English is, therefore, a must and a matter of top priority.

➦ We may cry ourselves hoarse over Hindi being the Rashtrabhasha (National language) but the fact remains that only English-knowing Indians in all parts and regions of India can communicate with one another.

That is why in the central or all-India universities like the B. H. U., the Vishwa Bharati, in the Science Institutes, in Medical and Engineering Colleges, English is compulsory. An English-knowing Indian alone has chances of service in all parts of India and in foreign countries.

➦ An English-knowing Indian has free access to the literature, the philosophies, the social and political and physical sciences and their hundreds of branches and sub-branches recording the day to day progress in all countries and continents.

Here again, English-knowing Indian scores over his opposite number who does not know English and who cannot keep abreast of time.

➦ All this does not mean that we should compel every Indian to Learn English. But all this does mean that about five per cent of Indians who will man our services with better pay and prospects and men of light and learning, the foremost ranks of our intelligentsia learn English.

It is sometimes glibly argued that we shall get translated into Hindi the great books in the European languages. As if it were all that easy. In the matter of advancement of learning there has been between Europe and India a time lag of about four hundred years.

This gulf, to be bridged, needs concerted effort by English-knowing Indians over more than two hundred years. Whether, therefore, it is knowledge about India or world knowledge, the mere Hindi-knowing Indian is nowhere in the picture.

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