The Ideal Teacher Essay in English in 250 Words for Students

The Ideal Teacher Essay in English in 250 Words for Students

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Essay on The Ideal Teacher in English in 250 Words for Students

The Ideal Teacher Essay in English in 250 Words for Students
250+ Words Essay on The Ideal Teacher in English for Student
➦ The ideal teacher for teenagers has got to have many sterling qualities. The effect of his personality on students of impressionable age should be such that his pupils treasure his memory all their lives.

Every student should feel instinctively that the teacher is a loved and respected member of his family. In other words, the ideal teacher should be such that his students should feel drawn towards him. He should have not a loudly but a quietly inviting personality.

He should not only be elderly but should have also the graces of elderliness. He should win the hearts of his students. He should effortlessly create a living bond between himself and his students.

➦ The ideal teacher should have learnt or acquired the know-how of making his teaching and the subject of his teaching interesting. He should be able to make the students really interested in the subject.

His exposition of a subject, the development of his arguments, should be such that students are led to feel that valuable secrets are being revealed. The students should feel their minds growing under his teaching.

An ideal teacher deals with his subject in such a way that the value of the subject and its vital importance in life and in civilization begin to be mentally and emotionally experienced by his students. He makes his subject not only learnt but lived by the students.

Students feel under an ideal teacher that education is not :
The sad mechanic exercise,
Like dull narcotics, numbing pain.

➦ An ideal teacher helps to bring into play the hidden mental powers of students. He activates the minds of his students. He has the gift of illustration, of suggestion and of the association of ideas.

His teaching makes the students feel inwardly the inter-relatedness of various branches of knowledge. The ideal teacher does not use words of learned length and thundering sound. On the contrary his language and his meaning are crystal clear.

He is teaching is thought-provoking and is a tonic to the mind. Students learn from him not only a prescribed subject but also the art of thinking. Under the influence of an ideal students acquire self-respect and dignity.

Man-making is the central function of an ideal teacher. He gives not only knowledge but also culture. He is an engineer of the soul. The ideal teacher teaches us to teach ourselves, in other words, to become our own teachers. His teaching develops the student's personality.

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