Future of English In India | Essay

Future of English In India | Essay

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250+ Words Essay on Future of English in India

Future of English In India | Essay
Future of English in India Essay in 250+ Words
➦ Even when India was under British rule, and even today when India is free, English was not and is not the language of the common people of India.

It was and still is used for special purposes. Let us enumerate some of them.

➦ Arguments in the Supreme Court and in the High Courts of India still have to be presented in English.

This is so because for lawyers and judges from all over India with different mother tongues, English alone can serve as a link language.

The majority of the members of the Lok Sabha are from the non-Hindi speaking regions, and also members of the Central Secretariat and other Central services.

The same is true of our ambassadors and other members of our embassies, of our army, our air force, our navy, of our research institutes and of our various other institutions.  For them all English serves as a link language.

➦ In our universities teachers and students from all over India. The regional language may be the educational medium but it is equality necessary to have sections where the educational medium is English.

And last but not least is the fact that books in Indian languages on hundreds of important branches and sub- branches of knowledge are not available.

➦ For the purposes mentioned above and for about five per cent of our people English is indispensable.

It is wishful thinking to say that English has no future in India. To think in terms of English or no English is unrealistic. We should not be guilty of over-simplification of complex issues.

Our mother tongues will not lose but will gain if our highly educated classes have their minds enriched and strengthened with the knowledge of English.

Our of this class will come the future makers and creators of great literature in the Indian languages. For literature begets literature.

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