Essay on If I were a Millionaire | Paragraph | Class 8 9 10

Essay on If I were a Millionaire | Paragraph | Class 8 9 10

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500+ Words Essay or Paragraph on If I were a Millionaire For Class 8th 9th 10th Students

Essay on If I were a Millionaire | Paragraph | Class  8 9 10
Essay/Paragraph on If I were a Millionaire in English in 500 Words for Class 8th 9th 10th Students
➦ Is it safe to trust a young person who is still teenager with a million rupees? It is true Akbar the Great ascended the throne when he was only about thirteen years old; and William Pitt became Prime Minister of England when he was only about twenty-three years; and in either case the picture was that of a kingdom trusted to a school boy's care.

Both Akbar and Pitt succeeded in carrying out the tasks entrusted to them. But they are exceptional instances. Generally speaking a teenager must have an old head on young shoulders in order to make sensible use of such a huge sum of money as ten lakhs of rupees.

I should be happy to own such a tempting amount of money and yet I would be a little nervous and afraid to have this huge sum of money. It will put to test all my sense of right and wrong, of propriety and impropriety.

➦ I would, in the first instance, safely invest this amount in State Bank of India or in Government securities. I would give myself the best education which the income from this amount will enable me to have.

I would buy the best dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference books, books of general knowledge, maps and atlases, etc. Then I would buy about five hundred famous books of the world or their reliable English translations.

I would thus become well equipped for the pursuit of higher studies. Of course I would also buy a good number of purely entertaining books for light reading.

➦ I would persuade the most learned and best teacher of a university or a degree college either to live with me or let me live with him and I shall pay him nearly one thousand rupees a month so that under his care and as a result of his constant companionship my mind and my knowledge might grow.

➦ Having completed my academic education, I propose to receive, preferably in a foreign country, the best training as a printer and publisher. I would, them, settle down finally as a publisher of high class general books of literature in the mother tongue.

➦ I would select the ablest and the best writers who would translate the best foreign books into one or more Indian languages and I would pay them handsomely. I will also publish in the Indian languages original books of a high quality. I would include in my scheme the publication of healthy popular literature at cheap prices.

➦ Publishing is at present in the hands of merely commercial minded people, with a few rare exceptions. I wish to be one of these rare exceptions. Rome was not built in a day, nor can a great publishing house be built in a day or even in a lifetime.

So I will have a board of directors who will continue the work of my publishing house long after I am no more.

Thus within a century or so, my dream, that my publishing house may with the original working capital of rupees ten lakhs be able to give India about ten or twenty thousand books with solid and substantial cultural value, would come true.

This is my idea of leading a useful and happy life and of serving my countrymen if I am lucky enough to come into big money.

➦ There can be other likely schemes, which either to change my mind or to plan and think on different lines, I might put through.

I can only mention them without enlarging on them : co-operative farming and agriculture, opening and running a better school or college than the average Indian school or college, scholarships to really promising Indian students for study and training abroad, providing medical aid and hospitals in the remote parts of India, founding a factory for the manufacture of newsprint in India, thus saving foreign exchange, floating a company for the manufacture of cheap motor cars.

These are alternative schemes. And given a capital of ten lakh (Lac) rupees plus initiative and resourcefulness anyone of these schemes can be made to yield excellent results.

But I must repeat that while there are ways and ways of putting a million rupees to fruitful use, the scheme nearest to my heart is to establish a publishing house for the spread of knowledge and healthy literature. Let others who have the necessary capital do the other jobs. One man, one job.

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