Essay on Ghost Story in English in 500 Words

Essay on Ghost Story in English in 500 Words

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500+ Words Essay on A Ghost Story in English

Essay on Ghost Story in English in 500 Words
Essay on A Ghost Story in English in 500 Plus Words
➦ One may or may not believe in ghosts. But ghost stories are often of fascinating interest. As we listen to a ghost story our attention is held owing to a temporary suspension of disbelief. In the Arabian Nights these supernatural elements figures in many stories which have world-wide popularity.

The supernatural plays an important role in world famous epics and dramatic plays. The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner with its ghost ship and ghost figures is a gripping tale in verse. Long ago I heard a ghost story which made a lasting impression on my mind.

➦ A yogi made his abode in a dark forest. Many visitors used to come to him to have his darshan. One of his daily visitors was a milkman who every evening brought cow's milk for the yogi. When darkness fell the milkman wended his way home through the dark forest.

➦ In the twilight of the early night the milkman saw a ghost threatening and frightening him on his way home. This happened every night. This had a disastrous effect on the milkman, who looked more and more distraught every time he came to visit the yogi, who noticing his condition asked him what the matter was.

➦ The milkman told the yogi that his sad plight was due to a fearful looking ghost who crossed his way every night on his way home. With the greatest difficulty, the milkman said, was he able to escape from the clutches of the ghost.

Thereupon the yogi took a little dust from his extinguished fire and told the milkman that when the ghost came his way next time the milkman should not run away from the ghost even if it should mean the greatest risk to his life. He should let the ghost come right up to him and then rub the dust on the ghost's forehead. The yogi also told the milkman that on reaching home he should see his face in a mirror.

➦ With a trembling heart the milkman carried out the yogi's instructions. When on reaching home the milkman saw his face in a mirror, to his great astonishment he saw the dust mark on his own forehead. The next evening, as usual,m the milkman visited the yogi with his gift of cow's milk and narrated his previous night's experience to the yogi.

➦ With a knowing smile the yogi told the milkman that his own fear of the darkness of the night in the forest had assumed the illusory form of the ghost which tormented him every night on his return. The milkman in making the dust mark on the forehead of the supposed ghost had besmeared his own brow with the ashes from the yogi's fire.

➦ The milkman received great spiritual insight and illumination from the yogi's words. His fear left him and from then on he saw no ghost on his way home from the yogi's abode. Our fears are the worst ghosts that haunt us.

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