Essay on Foreign Invasions of India

Essay on Foreign Invasions of India

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Foreign Invasions of India Brief Essay

Essay on Foreign Invasions of India
➽ Most of us will call to mind what we have read in the history books about Alexander's invasion of India more than two thousand years ago.

We have also read about Chingez Khan who passed like a storm through north India without check or hindrance.

The Hungs and the Scythians conquered India and later settled down in the land. There was a lull of some centuries and then the muslim invasions began.

Bin Qasim, Ghori, Ghazni, Timur and other Muslim invaders successfully invaded India, Muslim rule over India or over large parts of India lasted for about eight hundred years.

➽ Why did the Hindus, during all these invasions, suffer defeat and humiliation? The Hindu population outnumbered the invaders and the foreign conquerors by nearly one thousand to one, and that too in its homeland, and yet the Hindus tasted defeat.

Some battles they won but they lost every war. Let us do some heart-searching and fact-finding. One painful and distressing truth is bound to emerge.

Brahminism had been dominating Hinduism and Hindu social polity, and had imposed the Vamashrama and the caste system over the whole population.

Eighty per cent Hindus had been branded as Shudras, pariahs, untouchables and Chandals. They had lost their self-respect and courage and had become totally unfit to stand up to an invader.

The Brahmins had been demoralised by centuries of parasitic life. The Vaishyas cared only for money-making.

The artisan classes could not overnight take to a military life. Thus only from about one per cent of the entire Hindu population, namely, from the Khshatriyas alone, soldiers could be recruited.

One the battle fields the numbers of the opposing armies were equally matched.

➽ Our ruling and fighting classes with all their bravery and courage were not a united force.

Education had been neglected, superstitions, evil and degrading customs and a privileged and protected life had drained the mind and character of the ruling classes of all those qualities which could have enabled them to face up to the well equipped foreign invaders.

➽ Having ruled India for nearly eight centuries the Muslims also lost the qualities of leadership.

So when the Britishers came they succeeded in playing off one group of Indians against another group and conquered India portion by portion India was conquered with the Indian sword.

There was no patriotism, no political wakefulness, and thousands of Indians were ready and willing to become mere mercenaries of European powers.

The weakness of our social structures, our Varna and caste system were, it is evident, at the root of all our defeats from the beginning to the coming of the Muslims.

As for British rule over India there was never anything like a British invasion or a British conquest.

We ourselves accepted British money and British leadership and conquered the country of the British. British conquest was a historical necessity for India.

Though India has been partitioned we are now in a position to be a united country and a united people.

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