Enemy Countries of India | Beware of enemies of India Essay

Enemy Countries of India | Beware of enemies of India Essay

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Let us Beware of India's Enemies - Enemy Countries of India - Essay

Enemy Countries of India, Beware of enemies of India Essay
India's enemies are, in the first place, those Indians and those Indian political parties that are convinced that they are friends of India though their policies and practices do the greatest harm to India.

These Indians and Indian political parties while pretending and preaching that they are champions of India's welfare and India's culture, only support a handful of Indians such as profiteers and black-marketeers, religious priests and preachers and the privileged classes of India.

In the name of India they are against the welfare of more than ninety per cent of Indians.

➽ The other enemies of India are those foreign powers who are doing everything to keep India weak, backward and miserable.

These foreign powers are spending hundreds of crores of rupees every year to bribe the enemy within the country.

India's enemies pretending to be India's friends are in favor of such dangerous things as the caste system, untouchability, communal conflict and against the betterment of the lot of more than ninety percent Indians and and the growth of healthy democracy and industrialization.

The enemeis of India, aided and abetted by foreign imperialist powers, are doing everything to keep Indians involved in such matters as periodical yajnas in which materials worth crores of rupees are burnt to ashes and in similar dangerous and suicidal pursuits in the name of religion and culture.

As a result of this national and international conspiracy the attention and the efforts of millions of Indians are sought to be kept confined to such matters as Kathas and kirtans, Milads and Urses, Melas and Bhajans, language riots, regionalism and similar other anti-national and anti-Indian pursuits.

➽ Only such Indians and such Indian political parties are friends and true servants of India as desire quick industrialization of India, quick development of Indian agriculture, the betterment of the lot of more than ninety per cent of Indians, the disappearance of communal conflict and the creation of an India in which Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsees, Sikhs and free thinkers feel inspired and motivated to build a strong united India growing from strength to strength.

➽ One fanatical Hindus communal leader attacking the idea of combined and integrated nationalism once said that you cannot have a first class Kashmiri shawl by stitching together torn piece of different carpets.

That is to say you cannot have a first class Indian nation and a first class Indian culture in which Hindus, Muslims and others occupy positions of equality.

As if the Taj-Mahal and other architectural monuments built up by the Muslims have not enriched India's culture.

As if the unforgettable contributions of Muslims to Hindi literature, Bengali literature, Punjabi literature, Sindhi literature and Urdu literature are not our national heritage.

The same fanatic Hindu leader advocated the dangerous idea of a Hindu Rashtra (Nation). As if any power can by a general massacre kill or annihilate our twelve crore Muslim and other fellow countrymen.

As if any power could drive away these Indian Muslims out of India. As if any power could reduce them to the position to which Hinduism had reduced the so-called Shudra untouchables and Chandals.

As if thousands of Muslim soldiers of the Indian army did not die fighting heroically when some years ago Pakistan had attacked India. It is such an outlook and attitude that resulted in the tragedy of the partition of the country.

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