Our Education System In India | Essay

Our Education System In India | Essay

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250+ Words Essay on Our Education System In India

Our Education System In India | Essay
Our Education System in India Essay in English in 500 Words
➦ More than ninety-nine per cent students in the high school and university classes have as their aim the securing o some job with adequate pay or emoluments.

Only about one per cent look forward to taking up independent professions, such as trade or law or medicine.

Year after year our universities and degree colleges send out lakhs (lac) of graduates as job-seekers. Of this large number perhaps less than one-third can be absorbed in the various services.

The rest are doomed to remain jobless and unemployed. This state of affairs has brought maters to such a pass that our educational institutions, our society and our government are faced with the revolt of the youth.

➦ Our educational system should be overhauled. It should be diversified and made multi-purpose in the light of facts and figures, other-wise a situation already desperate will soon become a hopeless one.

Today we have men without jobs and jobs without men. A very large proportion of the annual output of our colleges and universities are not only unemployed but unemployable.

There must be something very wrong in our educational system which has resulted in such a tragic situation.

➦ To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The State governments and the Central government have the all-important duty of planning ahead the education and the employment of Indian youth.

Our educational system should become employment-oriented. It is time that this was done in right earnest. The alternative is disaster.

➦ A policy of drift spells danger. Education should be so planned that everyone after completing education becomes eligible for a job, and finds a job, Something on the lines of the New Deal of President Roosevelt in the U. S. A. in 1930 is urgently called for.

Our rulers should create jobs, and our education system must fit your youth for these jobs.

➦ It may seem rather odd to say so but it is nevertheless true that a love of knowledge for its own sake and the desire to improve the mind and to build character are closely bound up with economic security.

The academic life cannot he expected to be so unworldly as to disregard the compelling considerations of economic well-being.

Let our society, our educational system and our governments in the State and at the Center do the needful towards the hungry or hunger-fearing and angry generations of Indian youth.

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