Dangers Facing Indian Democracy Essay

Dangers Facing Indian Democracy Essay

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Essay on Dangers Facing Indian Democracy

Dangers Facing Indian Democracy Essay
➽ Democracy is not something ready-made. It varies from country to country and from time to time according to the social, moral, mental, and economic stage of growth of a people.

Lenin, taking note of the far greater stage of advancement of the German people than that of the Russians, said that if and when Germany became a communist country, communist Russia wold again become a backward country.

Whether it is democracy or monarchy, capitalism or socialism, communism or any other ism, social facts and forces are the determining factors.

We can have a feeble and backward democracy or a strong and progressive democracy.

The Indian democracy is yet very young. It seems that our democracy or our democratic system is finding it difficult to manage itself.

To begin with, we have too many political parties. And many of these parties are not even able to pull together and maintain unity among their ranks.

At the slightest provocation they become split up. Another unhealthy system in our democracy is that certain political parties thrive and prosper by raising the communal bogey and crying 'Wolf, Wolf'.

They claim to be the champions of religion and culture, but in reality they sub serve the interests of ex-Rajas and ex-Maharajas, of money bags and black-marketeers, and of those foreign governments which do not wish India well.

These so-called patriotic but really anti-people political parties set up such dangerous bodies as the Shiv-Sena (Shiv-Army), and similar other senas (Armies) and samitis (The Committee), which are a danger to democracy.

➽ Most of our voters are illiterate, swayed by local, regional, communal and caste considerations which make them unfit for making the right choice among the candidates.

Most candidates do not know even the A B C of democracy. Many Indian businessmen, ex-Rajas and Rajmatas, and some foreign powers, it is persistently rumoured, buy up our legislators and some of our ministers even.

There are pulls and counter-pulls in the state cabinets and in the central cabinet. Defection and crossing the floor, resulting in instability till lately, were quite common.

Most political parties suffer from the evils of groupism. They do not work like a team. These are unhealthy symptoms of our democracy.

➽ No democracy can work in a satisfactory way in the face of official corruption and bribery.

Our Five-year Plans suffer very greatly because these plans or some of their parts are ill-conceived, and also because of inefficiency, corruption and waste.

Our democracy has not yet been able to give jobs to many engineers, technologists and scientists. Nor has it been able to tackle the problem of unemployment of other sections of the community.

Inefficient working of our offices, favoritism, nepotism, interference in official and departmental work by ministers and legislators are other weaknesses of our democracy.

➽ Perhaps no democracy in the world is faultless. But the political and moral balance-sheet of many democracies is not so depressing and distressing as the balance-sheet of our State governments and Central government.

Let us hope that Indian public opinion will soon become organised and effective and save Indian democracy before it is too late.

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