Can The World Have Permanent Peace Essay in for Student

Can The World Have Permanent Peace Essay in for Student

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Essay on Can The World Have Permanent Peace For Student

Can The World Have Permanent Peace Essay in 250 Words for Student
Essay on Can The World Have Permanent Peace in 250+ Words For Student
➦ It is becoming increasingly clear that today no war can remain confined to two single parties. War in these days has the possibilities of becoming a world war.

The two power blocs headed on one side by Russia and on the other side by America have been confronting each other in a war-like manner.

➦ And in the event of a global war breaking out victory is out of the question. A world war today means world destruction. In earlier wars soldiers fought and died.

But now a war will result in the destruction of the entire population on both sides. Even neutral countries may he destroyed by atomic blasts.

The whole earth will be reduced to shambles in a modern war. Civilization itself will be wiped out in an atomic war.,
➦ Permanent peace is now a question of life and death for humanity itself. If permanent peace is not impossible. War is an out-of-date thing in the modern world.

➦ Wars have been often fought in the past for enslaving people and exploiting them. The present-day set-up of the world has made enslavement and exploitation almost a mockery. Even victory in a war of today is profitless.

➦ But why is there the fear of war in the world of today? The two power blocs have still to come to an agreed decision to prove their worth by peaceful competition.

Trade in the modern world is the dominating cause of war. World-wide planning of trade is needed. Monopolies must disappear. The whole world should become a co-operative society.

An international body should be set up to go into all these matters so that all causes of friction and conflict are removed. If this is done no nation will suffer and all nations will prosper.

Because in the past wars were a periodical occurrence, it does not necessarily follow that wars are an unavoidable occurrence today. The choice is now between war and human survival.

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