Essay on Anti-Democratic or Anti-National Forces in India

Essay on Anti-Democratic or Anti-National Forces in India

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Short Essay on Anti-democratic Forces in India | Anti-National Forces

Essay on Anti-Democratic Forces in India | Anti-National Forces
India is a democracy country. And yet there are not a few undemocratic and anti-democratic trends, passions and forces in India which are a danger to democracy.

For a Hindu Indian to hate a Muslim Indian and vice versa is anti-national and anti-democratic.

There are other undemocratic and anti-democratic and anti-national forces, passions and practices in India which can be named and listed.

➽ If you favor or be partial to men of your own caste or community and do not feel your identity or fraternity with the members of other Indian castes or communities (in other words, if casteism and communalism sway you in life), then you are not a democrat.

➽ In a democracy the majority is not entitled to deprive the minority of its rights.

Democracy does not mean majority rule but rules with the consent of all.

A democrat loves not only the freedom of his own country and nation a but the freedom of all countries and all nations.

➽ To force the Hindu language on the non-Hindi speaking parts of India is anti-democratic.

Millions of our fellow Indians love the Urdu script and the Urdu language.

We can only demand that their wards and their children in the Hindi regions should have a working knowledge of Hindi.

But to make it impossible for their wards and their children to learn Urdu is anti-democratic.

Once again let us warn and remind ourselves that democracy does not mean arbitrary rule of the majority but rule by consensus and consent of all sections of the people.

To force Muslims or other Indian communities to feel that they are second class or inferior citizens of India is not democracy.

The creed of a democrat is, "I don't agree with a word of what you say but I will give the last drop of my blood for your right to say."

A true democrat should feel for the masses though not necessarily with the masses.

Linguism, casteism, communalism, regionalism are all enemies of democracy.

Live and let live, the toleration of differences, the spirit of give and take, the spirit of compromise, non-violence, respect for the law and order, sportsmanship, regard for the feelings and rights of others, guarding against passions and prejudices, a sense of the equality of all men, a sense of liberty and of the limits of liberty, a sense of right and wrong, humanness of outlook , a sense of humor, are the inviolable conditions of democracy. Also a sense of what is anti-social.

A democrat may have strong views but he does not suffer from fanaticism, narrow-mindedness and extremism.

The ideals of democracy are only gradually and progressively realizable.

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