The Unity of India | Brief Essay

The Unity of India | Brief Essay

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Brief Essay on The Unity of India

The Unity of India | Brief Essay

➽ From the earliest times to the present day, India has been both a united country and a disunited country. We should make a distinction between disunity and diversity.

Unity should not be taken to mean a dead uniformity. Differences and varieties enrich unity and make it more creative and colourful and life-like.

➽ We are a nation with many religions, many languages, many cultures and sub-races and many ways of life. The unity of India has to be a divergent unity.

The Hindu scriptures, our great epics, Hindu law, Hindu social polity, Hindu philosophy, Hindu architecture, Sanskrit literature, Hindu painting, dancing and singing, the Hindu festivals and many customs and traditions are unifying forces.

Note : Shudra or Shoodra is one of the four varnas of the Hindu social order in India. Various sources translate it into English as a caste, or alternatively as a social class. It is the lowest rank of the four varnas. [Source : From Wikipedia]

➽ But there are also forces of division and disruption. About eighty percent of the Hindus are considered Shudras. This is a humiliating term.

It kills the self-respect of the largest majority of Hindu people. Then, the Shudras themselves are hopelessly divided and broken up into numerous castes.

This has kept them from uniting and acting together for their betterment. And then there is the evil of untouchability.

Upper class Hindus also are not a homogeneous whole. Without more and more and still more social fusion India's unity will remain a dream.

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➽ We have to fight against regionalism, casteism, linguism and communalism. Excessive economic disparity and inequality is another cause of disunity. Education and economic well-being are needed for India's unity.

➽ If Hindus who form more than ninety per cent of India's population become progressively united, they are bound to treat the Muslims and other minorities also, like brothers, and an atmosphere of communal goodwill and harmony will be created.

The problem is only somewhat mental and emotional. Given general economic prosperity and advancement, the forces of disunity will progressively decline.

It is suitable work and good wages and a sense of economic security, which will take us within reach of the goal of India's unity. Our democratic form of government should become progressively more and more democratic.

Political democracy ought to bring about economic and cultural democracy also. Unity does not fall like a blessing from heaven, or like a ripe fruit from a tree.

It has to be worked for. It has to be built up step by step. India's unity means the growing unity of the minds, hearts and purposes of seventy-five crore Indians.

The world is moving falteringly but unmistakably towards the goal or world-unity. India's unity will be part of this greater world-unity.

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