The Most Popular Boy of My College Brief Essay

The Most Popular Boy of My College Brief Essay

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Brief Essay On The Most Popular Boy of My College

The Most Popular Boy of My College Brief Essay
➽ What is popularity ? Popularity is the quality of being liked and loved by people. Thus people can be popular, films can be popular, poems, plays, songs, stories, books, food-items, hotels, places can all be popular. There are popular and unpopular teachers also.

➽ Avinash Kumar is the most popular boy of our college. And why not? He is sociable, sincere and helpful to all and sundry. He has an infectiously cheerful temperament.

He knows the art of being happy and of making others happy by his sheer presence. When he joins a company it is as if another candle had been lighted.

➽ In his studies he is not among the first few but he is a very good second. He is gifted with tact and common sense. There is about him a certain warmth and cordiality.

He is deservingly and quite justly sure of a welcome everywhere because of the ease, the naturalness and the attractiveness of his ways and manners. His personality has that rare quality called charm.

➽ There is an air of friendliness and fellowship about him. He puts all of us at our ease. He is very human. In his presence we feel  that it is better to be a first class man than to be a first class student.

He is equally popular with teachers, with students and with the peons and other humbler workers of our college.
➽ He is considerate and he never manhandles or bullies juniors. In quarrels or unpleasant situations his role is that of a peace-maker.

He is a gifted conversationalist, an all round sportsman, a good storyteller, well up in first aid and very companionable. He puts everybody in good humor.

He combines in his character playfulness and a sense of duty. It is a rare combination.

➽ We all treasure his friendship and companionship. he is lively and vivacious without being boisterous or unmannerly. All of us feel naturally drawn towards him.

In his presence and in his company we forget our woes and worries. This is so because of his ever present and never failing good spirits.

Are these qualities gifts of nature or has he thoughtfully and deliberately cultivated these likable attributes which have endeared him to all of us ?

If a sizable number of students in every college had Prabhakar Kumar's qualities of head and heart the tone of life in our centers of education would be considerably improved.

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