The Most Exciting Day in My life Brief Essay

The Most Exciting Day in My life Brief Essay

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Brief Essay on The Most Exciting Day in My life

The Most Exciting Day in My life Brief Essay
➽ It was Nag Panchami day. We had gone to a river, locally known as a sacred river, to have a bath. The day had fairly advanced.

There were shade and shushine on the bank of the river where we put our belongings along with those of some other families which had come to have a holy dip in the sacred stream.

➽ Everybody half stripped himself or herself and stepped into the stream. Including the members of my family there were about twenty girls and women, a few small boys and just two or three male adults.

This because Nag Panchami, like most other Hindu festivals, is mainly a women's festival. Women are a little more inclined towards rituals and ceremonies.

➽ We had been in the waters of the stream for just a while when my mother gave a terrible shriek. All of us turned our faces towards her and were half maddened and half paralyzed by what we saw.

A snake had tightly coiled itself round my mother's body from head to foot and held it fold on fold in a vice-like grip. My mother stood knee-deep in water, transfixed with terror.

The snake had brought up its mouth to the height of my mother's face and was shaking its forked tongue dangerously near my mother's mouth.

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➽ My heart gave a leap. For a moment I was at my wit's end. Soon my presence of mind returned. I threw all shame and formality to the winds and striped myself naked and held my dripping towel to tackle the situation.

Taking my courage in both hands I waded silently through the water till I came up with my mother. With lightning swiftness I threw the towel on the menacing head of the snake and held it by the neck in a firm grip.

The snake was blinded, and swiftly uncoiled itself from my mother's body. We could have killed the snake as suggested by some people.

But my mother said that she was a worshiper of Sheshnag and it was the Nag Panchami day, so I gently threw the snake away on the grassy bank of the stream.

It glided away among the bushes and thickets which banked the river in the western direction. It was the most exciting day of my life.

➤ Note: Other events may be recalled which make an exciting day in a student's life -
  1. The father buys a new motor-car and takes the family for a first ride. The excitements of this event and some exciting incidents in the long drive may be described.
  2. The description of the day on which the High School or the Intermediate result are announced in the paper - rejoicing and feasting.
  3. The student wins the first prize in a painting competition or in some other competition. The events may be described in about three hundred words.
  4. The writer of the essay is fond of flower gardening or vegetable gardening. The planting of the seeds after manuring and watering result in the germinating of the plants and then in the flowering of the plants or the vegetables, flowers and fruits-making their first appearance.
  5. Thieves enter a house; after some time someone wakes up and gives the alarm. Some of the thieves run away; one or two are still hiding in the house or in a neighboring bush. Description of the thieves. Similar exciting happenings and adventures may be recalled or imagined and described in short simple expressive sentences.
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