The Earth Essay

The Earth Essay

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Essay on The Earth

The Earth Essay
➤ Millions and millions of years ago, a piece of the sun broke off and became suspended in space very far from the sun.

This is our earth. For untold ages our earth was a burning ball of fire giving out gas and smoke. Away from the sun the outer crust of the earth began to cool down.

Three-fourths of the burning surface of the earth became ocean and one-fourth became the solid earth. The original fire of the earth is still burning in the heart of the earth.

Our earth is a dancing damsel of the spaces. She dances round the sun. She is round and she rotates and revolves. All plant and animal life on our earth are children of the earth.

➤ Very, very long ago a portion of the earth broke away from the earth and flew off and became the moon. The moon is the daughter of the earth, just as the earth is the daughter of the sun.

It is believed that the Pacific Ocean resulted from the vast cavity created by the flight into outer space of a portion of the earth, which we now call the moon.

➤ The first thing about the earth which strikes and impresses us is richness, colorfulness and variety of its physical features.

The vegetable kingdom, fields and forests, smiling gardens, oceans and mountains and rivers, sand deserts and ice deserts, the bewildering variety of living being on land and in water, overwhelm the imagination.

These are familiar and yet staggering spectacles. The sights and sounds of nature are a feast for our eyes and ears.

➤ All living beings have a compelling urge to consider the earth as their mother. Rightly do we call the earth Vasundhara or Dharti Mata. The earth has not only given birth to life but has also sustained and supported life.

All our material requirements are supplied by the earth. Grains, fruits, cotton, coal, all the metals, diamond mines, the chemical materials for our medicines and other purposes, the processions of the seasons, the beauty all around us, are gifts of the earth.

➤ And then the spiritual flights of man, religion, philosophy, moral ideas, all the fine arts, the changing scenes of civilization and culture and the whole drama of human history had the earth as their stage. The English poet Keats rightly says that the poetry of earth is never dead.

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