The Choice of a Profession Brief Essay

The Choice of a Profession Brief Essay

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Brief Essay on The Choice of a Profession

The Choice of a Profession Brief Essay
➽ I am reminded of two proverbs. One of them says, "Beggars can't be choosers", the other says, "If wishes were horses, beggars could ride."

These are English proverbs. A third Indian proverb also occurs to my mind. And it is this "Living in a hut or hovel and dreaming of castles."

Our country today is facing the problem of men without jobs and jobs without men. Employments are being sought and given or refused in a haphazard way.

Every profession is overcrowded, even the profession of begging not excepted.

The choice of a profession does not depend in these difficult times on the person who seeks a profession.

The right to work and the earn wage is neither guaranteed nor implied in the Indian Constitution. For the moment, let us set aside the problem of the uneducated unemployed.

Instead let us dwell for a while on the problem of the educated unemployed. Today 'the educated unemployed' has become a misnomer.

Not the educated unemployed but the educated unemployable expresses the situation as it prevails in the India of today.

There are people who have done their M. A. or B. A. but cannot write a page of correct English or correct Hindi.

We are sending out year after year tens of thousands of matriculates, undergraduates and graduates who can only be called 'literate illiterates'.

They may be good people but they are good for nothing. And we talk of the choice of a profession in such a context !

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➽ Our education must be saved from the state of neglect into which it has fallen. On the teaching of language depends the teaching of all other subjects.

Clerks in the various departments, teachers, lawyers, accountants, steno-typists, journalists, judicial and executive officers, businessmen, engineers, technologists, politicians - all have to be imparted proper knowledge of the languages.

➽ The question of the choice of a profession is bound up with the question of the developing economy of India.

If production and wealth increase at the proper speed professions and jobs would multiply. Equally important is the question of the distribution of wealth on which depends the success of our aim to establish a socialist pattern of society.

The standard of life has to rise steadily. The purchasing power of the common man has to increase considerably.

The alarming growth of our population has to be checked. Education has has to become efficiently multi-purpose.

When these and similar desirable objectives are satisfactorily attained, increasingly large numbers of men and women will be in a position to take up the profession of their choice.

Today only for a very few there is the freedom of the choice of a profession. For the vast majority this freedom will come only by sensible and systematic planning on a nation-wide scale.

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