Students and Politics Brief Essay

Students and Politics Brief Essay

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Brief Essay on Students and Politics

Students and Politics Brief Essay
➽ There is a time for everything. From early boyhood to early young age is the period of preparation for fitting oneself to lead a life of usefulness and service to one's family and to society.

It is only in the fitness of things that students should wait till they have completed their education at school and college before they choose their course of life.

If students allow their studies to suffer in order to take active part in politics they will become neither good students nor good politicians. They will have ruined all their chances in life.

Men without minds equipped with knowledge and understanding, far from becoming useful politicians will become a burden on the society or the nation to which they belong.

➽ If a political cause needs workers, our population being over seventy crores and our country behaving millions of people who have completed their education, that political cause can be served and furthered by millions of others whoa re not students.

If students who form only about ten per cent of the total population do not take part in politics, no political cause will suffer in the least. The heavens will not fall if students keep to their studies and abstain from active politics.

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➽ Politics does not mean hartals(strikes) and strikes and picketing and dharna(Protest) and hunger strike and violence and destruction and burning or looting of shops.

Politics requires character, knowledge and understanding of complex problems facing the country. Politics means not mere action but thoughtful action, disciplined action.

It also means patient and persistent effort to create public opinion. The weapon of agitation should be very sparingly used. Politics means constructive work and not destructive work. Mere excitement or incitement is not politics.

➽ It is not suggested that students should not study or discuss political theories and political problems. They should. But a caution or a precaution and warning are very necessary.

Very often what we are led to believe to be politics is in reality narrow-minded communalism, casteism, linguism, provincialism in various forms and disguises. Such was not the politics of India's nation-builders.

➽ Students are misled into politics or so-called politics because they find it exciting. waiting is not so exciting. Students find home life, school and college life, or hostel life, generally dull and boring. Steps should be taken by parents, educational authorities and social workers to provide students with healthy entertainments.

Outdoor and indoor games, debates and discussions, poetry recital, dance and music, painting, theatrical performances, interesting and instructive lecture, picnics and outings, story telling, readings and discourses, radio and television will, it can be reasonably hoped, give healthy excitement to our students.

Let not our students forget that polities itself means often  tiresome waiting and that it can be very dull and boring. the excitement provided by politics is usually unhealthy and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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