Student Indiscipline Brief Essay

Student Indiscipline Brief Essay

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Brief Essay on Student Indiscipline

Student Indiscipline Brief Essay
➽ The norms of life seem to have been shaken to their roots as a consequence of the Second World War which began in 1939 and ended in 1945. Uncertainty, insecurity, discontent and unrest have been the striking features of the post-war world. This war has proved to be a moral earthquake whose tremors are being felt even to this day.

➽ Young India is in a state of ferment. There are frequent reports of disrespectful behavior, assaults, stabbings and murders by students. Mass hysteria and mass insanity sometimes seize many of our students. But we should not lose our heads in the face of such a situation. We should not lose sight of the fact that only a small percentage of students are actively guilty of acts of Indiscipline. The situation calls for sympathy and understanding.

➽ Better and better paid teachers are the first need. Smaller and more manageable classes are required. For every one hundred students we should have at least double the number of teachers than is the case at present. At least sixty percent of students should have free studentships and other facilities and amenities. Evening and Sunday classes  are expected to result in a greater percentage of passes. The huge failures in the high school, intermediate and university examinations amount to a massacre of innocents. It is a terrible national waste.

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➽ Fear of unemployment or underpaid employment drives many students to despair. Let the young men of India be convinced that their future is not dark. Fear regarding the future poisons the present. Let not our youth feel that the older generation has betrayed the younger generation.

➽ Every teacher should create among the students a love of knowledge for its own sake and for the sake of the benefits which knowledge confers on society. Every teacher should have a personality and the ability to make the students strongly feel that their teacher is their friend, philosopher and guide. Personal influence is of supreme importance in education. A teacher should be an unelected leader of his students.

➽ By various means it should be possible to create among students a love of beauty and refinement and a hatred for ugliness, vulgarity and violence in act and word. Nationwide effort is needed for the purpose. Student indiscipline is a disgrace to our system of education and to our social set up. it rests with our students and teachers to wipe out this disgrace.

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