ShriMati Sarojini Naidu Essay

ShriMati Sarojini Naidu Essay

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Sarojini Naidu

ShriMati Sarojini Naidu Essay
Sarojini Naidu with Mahatma Gandhi in 1930

➤ The history of the primary half the 20th century would be incomplete without the story of the life and work of Srimati Sarojini Naidu.

She was one among the best women of India. Born in Hyderabad, in South India, during a Bengali home, she received the simplest of Hindu-Muslim culture.

She was sent to England for education . At a really early age she started writing very fine poetry in English.

Her poems won the admiration of the foremost famous men of letters in England.

➤ She was advised by Sir Edmund Gosse, a foremost Englishman of letters of his time, to present India in her English poems.

She acted upon this recommendation . Volume after volume of extremely charming English poetry on Indian themes came from her pen, winning universal ac-claim from well-known English writers.

➤ While in England she fell crazy with Mr. Naidu, a South-Indian. She married him and have become known in India and every one over the planet as Sarojini Naidu.

Poetry didn't monopolies her entire life. She joined the nationalist movement and have become a politician of India.

She was a lady of uncommon gifts. Hers was top-ranking personality.

In Addition to her uncommon gifts as woman genius she had the art of cultivating intimacy and friendship with the folk .

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➤ She made a deep impression on British rulers of India and on the eminent men of England. She was a born leader of men.

She was elected President of the Indian National Congress at the Kanpur Session. She was the primary Governor of Uttar Pradesh in free India. she is going to live long in India's memory.

She was an ornament to India's womanhood. She was worthy daughter of India.

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From Gandhi protesting being unfairly disembarked from a Train, to atrocities of civil rights at the hands of British that poetess Sarojini Naidu wrote about, to discriminatory treatment administered by the imperialists that Bhagat Singh & Subhash Chandra Bose fought against, to the entirely forced and hostile advances of British army to usurp Rani Laxmi Bai's kingdom - each of those brave men and ladies , when confronted with an ethical dilemma, took it on, head on, and took a brave, bold, unafraid stance, albeit it had been a David vs Goliath scenario! Children of today's world would be very knowing learn to stand-up for what they believe .