Science and World Peace | Brief Essay

Science and World Peace | Brief Essay

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Brief Essay on Science and World Peace

Science and World Peace | Brief Essay

➽ Wars break out not as a result of a single cause but as a result of a combination of causes. World peace also depends on a combination of factors.

Scientific advancement could not prevent the first world war. The development of nuclear weapons has created an altogether new situation.

A nuclear war will mean the destruction or the near destruction of all countries and all continents. America and Russia possess enough nuclear weapons to destroy the whole world many times over.

England and France also have atomic bombs. china and some other powers are not far behind to produce their own atomic bombs. The world situation has become extremely explosive.

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➽ If the third great world war breaks out there will be no victory for any power. It will not be a war between governments or between armies only.

It will be a total war. It will be a universal blood bath. The human race, nay, civilization itself, will be wiped out. Atomic weapons being the deadliest imaginable weapons are, therefore, the greatest deterrent to war and a guarantee of world peace.

Nothing short of madness can lead the nations of today to a nuclear war.

➽ What about wars with conventional weapons ? Even after the invention of atom bombs and hydrogen bombs, wars with conventional weapons have been taking place, though not a world-wide scale.

The Vietnam war, limited wars in the Middle East and in other Pacific regions and elsewhere are examples. We are lucky that the fire of these wars did not become a world conflagration.

➽ The world must preserve peace or perish. Today humanity is on the crossroads. The choice is not between victory and defeat but between death and survival.

➽ If governments and people all over the world become conscious of war danger it is likely that war mentality will give place to a peace mentality.

A modern world war will solve no problem and will do nobody any good. Science has created this dramatic situation which is unique in history.

It is not scientists that wage wars. The common people also do not wage wars. It is the rulers of countries that wage wars. It is upto them to maintain world peace.

Science is knowledge. But the world can be saved not by knowledge only but by knowledge and wisdom together.

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