Science Is Not Enough | Brief Essay

Science Is Not Enough | Brief Essay

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Science Is Not Enough Brief Essay

Science Is Not Enough | Brief Essay
➽ Bacon awakened the intellectual conscience of Europe and made it realize the supreme importance of the physical sciences. The Industrial Revolution in England towards the close of the 17th century was  the first recognizable great gift of science. Since then the wonders of science have gone on increasing tremendously. Human civilization today and in the future cannot live without science. All glory to science.

➽ Early in the year 1960 Prof. Fred Hoyle, the Kalinga Science Prize laureate, made the following statements : A philosopher writes about the world without bothering to look at it, and again, Philosophers, had not made any serious contribution to human development. We rub our eyes in wonder at these statements. Thinkers and philosophers, who were not scientists as we understand the term, have been considerably responsible for raising the cave men and the cave life to undreamt of heights. The invention of language and the rules of language were not the work of scientists. Could any science be possible as long as every man was a savage ? Man rose from the savage state to the civilized state not at all with the help of scientists.

The growth of morals, the evolution of the human conscience, law and jurisprudence, the culture of the emotions, the evolution of democratic thought, the funding of universities, the rise of educational theories, the study of economics, the art and science of history, the evolution of political thought, the rise of humanism, the evolution of the family and culture of the domestic affections, the creation of mental, moral and emotional values of life : none of these are gifts of science. Socialism and communism are not also gifts of science. Marx and Lenin valued science but their theories are not the theories of the physical sciences. Science is only one of the forces of civilization and not the only force of civilization.

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➽ Can it be said with any degree of truth that the thinkers and philosophers and the evolving human urges of the common man have not made any serious contribution to human development ? Such a statement is, on the face of it, unscientific.

➽ What have Burke's speeches to do with the physical sciences ? Echo answered 'What ?' Or take literature. With the exception of scientific fiction based on popular scientific theories and forming a very small portion of modern literature, the overwhelming major part of literature is non-scientific. And this literature is not an example of writing about the world without looking at it. This world is not exclusively the world of the physical sciences. It is also a world of human passions, human aspirations, human values and human dreams. The exclusive cultivation of the physical sciences will make no serious contribution to human development. In strict terms of science, love and loyalty, friendship, aesthetic experiences, the tragic sense, the comic spirit, wit and humor, joys and pathos, nobility, dignity, self-respect, tenderness and sympathy, refinement of manners, warmth and sincerity will have no value at all. After all science is only highly evolved commonsense. But commonsense also concerns itself with many things of vital importance that lie outside the bare facts of the physical sciences. Science is very important. But science is not enough.

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