Science For Agriculture and Industry | Brief Essay

Science For Agriculture and Industry | Brief Essay

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Science For Agriculture and Industry Brief Essay

Science For Agriculture and Industry | Brief Essay

➽ A vital fact and feature of the progress of civilization is that crude, clumsy and unskilled labour is increasingly transformed into trained and skilled labour.

Let us take a few examples. Scavenging or the world of sweepers is unskilled labour. Science performed super scavenging by the invention of the flush system. Man and machinery combined can do wonders.

➽ Our river valley projects will soon revolutionize our agriculture and countryside industries. Millions of acres will be irrigated at the lowest possible cost. Power driven cottage industries will considerably increase the income of millions of people.

➽ The progress of science has given heavy industries to nations like Russia, America, England, Germany, Japan and to many other countries.

The steel industry is the foundation of many heavy and light industries. Thousands of our men are being given the highest possible scientific and engineering training in the manufacture and the setting up of heavy machines.

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➽ Our chemical industry promises to make considerable progress in the manufacture of colors, dyes medicines, and artificial manure.

This will be of tremendous benefit to our agriculture and other industries. Only by great scientific training was it possible to establish the Chittaranjan Locomotive Factory in West Bengal for the manufacture of railway engines.

The manufacture of aeroplanes, motor-cars, scooters and motor-cycles will give a great impetus to our industries. Flood control also requires the help of science. We cannot think of life in the India of today without thinking of science.

➽ If we have a lively imagination we can think of hundreds and thousands of articles of daily use which we are importing from foreign countries.

With the progress of science and technology these hundreds and thousands of articles can be manufactured in India.

Also the progress of science will help up to improve the quality of our products. Removal of cattle diseases, diseases of crops, the killing of pests and other harmful germs which damage our crops is becoming increasingly possible with the progress of science.

Canals also require scientific skill. Cement factories are a vital need. Look where we will, we find science helping us in countless ways.

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