The Scene in an examination hall | Brief Essay

The Scene in an examination hall | Brief Essay

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The Scene in an examination hall Brief Essay

The Scene in an examination hall

➽ My father often expresses himself against the present system of education and examinations. He praises the educational traditions of ancient India.

The Guru knew his pupils intimately. He watched the pupils' progress from day to day and thus the students passed from stage to stage and grade to grade.

In the good old days only those received education above the elementary and primary stage who were fit for it. The results or rather the promotions were hundred per cent.

➽ But education in India today is on a mass scale. In addition to farmers, factory laborers, manual and menial workers, artisans and shopkeepers, we need today about half a crore of men and shop-keepers, we need today about half a crore of men and women who have received high class secondary or university education to run the affairs of the country.

Thus larger classes and thousands of schools and colleges and a very large number of universities and technological institutes are a vital need of our national life.

Examinations on a mass scale have become more or less unavoidable. Let us now visualize a typical scene in an examination hall.

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➽ Before the bell rings for students to enter the examination hall, they are seen either lost in some thought or turning over the leaves of books and note-books outside the examination hall.

The bell rings and they enter the examination hall littering the tables and desks in the verandah with books and note books.

About five hundred candidates take their seats at their desks marked with roll numbers. nearly everyone of them has had an early morning bath and is in light summer clothes.

They are in a state of subdued excitement or suspended animation. Their hearts are registering an extra beat or missing a beat every half or quarter minute.

If feelings of nervousness and the fears and hopes that are passing in their minds could be seen or heard what a dramatic scene would it present !

We can only guess vaguely the mental and emotional goings-on behind the apparently calm faces of the candidates.

➽ The second bell rings and the examination papers are distributed within a minute to all candidates by a score of invigilators. It is the zero minute.

Known books and familiar courses of study in which the examination is being held produce curiously, or rather naturally, the fear of the unknown.

➽ They have received the question paper. The examination has begun and they are at it.  For three hours they will go on thinking, remembering and writing as if spell-bound.

The suspense is over now. Silent animation now marks the scene in an examination hall. Three hours pass, as if, like a dream.

About them or fifteen minutes before the bell rings to announce that the time is up, faster and faster moves the pen on the pages of the answer-books.

It is like the last spurt of a horse-race. And then the bell rings. The adventure of mind is over. The invigilators are collecting the scripts, snatching them, in a few cases, from unwilling hands.

There is a certain pathos about this scene which is not due necessarily to the fear of failure but to the feeling that three hours of silent active excitement is over.

All farewells have a touch of sadness about them. The scene in the examination hall coming to a close has also something like a touch of pathos.

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