Story of Santa Claus | Saint Nickolas | Christmas Day

Story of Santa Claus | Saint Nickolas | Christmas Day

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Story of Santa Claus | Saint Nickolas | Christmas Day
Real Name : Saint Nickolas (NicholasNikolasNikolaus or Nicolas)
Greek Name : Νικόλαος (Nikolaos)
Born : Traditionally 15 March 270
Died : 6 December 343 (aged 73)
Story of Santa Claus | Saint Nickolas | Christmas Day
➤ Many years ago, a rich and wealthy man by the name of Nicholas lived in the North Pole. He was very kind and generous. Nicholas wanted to see everyone happy. Because he liked to see everyone laughing.

➤ He had a special interest. He used to make wooden toys in his spare time. But nobody has seen his art till today.

➤ It was the time of the Christmas celebration of Christmas and Nicholas wanted to do something special for the children of his neighborhood. One day a thought came to his mind.

➤ He thought of making wooden toys for all the children. He wanted to go inside the house through the chimney path of every house and hide the toys inside the socks placed near the furnace.

Story of Santa Claus | Saint Nickolas | Christmas Day➤ It was midnight when all were sleeping, then Nicholas climbed onto the roof of his house. Then after going inside the house, keeping all the goods, he immediately came out of the house.

➤ Similarly, Nicholas went to several houses and kept toys for the children and immediately went out. But in no time they got tired.

➤ He thought that it would not be right to hide toys in every house. It will take a long time. Some other plan will have to be made.

➤ They then took out unmanned vehicle made for snow from their home and tied the vehicle to reindeer. Nicholas again set out for his work.

➤ But the unmanned vehicle got stuck in the snow and they could not go very far. Nicholas tried his best to get his reindeer out of the ice, but the attempt was not successful, and then something happened that he was surprised.

➤ He saw a very beautiful angel. Angel said to Nicholas - Nicholas you are a good person and I want to help you.

➤ Then the angel touched the reindeer and said that they are no longer ordinary reindeer. They have become very powerful. They can now fly in the sky.

➤ The angel gave Nicholas some elves with his magic. They were all wearing green clothes and long green caps. His ears were long and looked quite bizarre.

Story of Santa Claus | Saint Nickolas | Christmas Day
➤ The angel said to Nicholas - all these will help you distribute your gifts and make everyone happy quickly. These will work at high speeds and will also help in making various toys.

➤ Nicholas was quite surprised to hear all this. But he too became very happy immediately. Then Nicholas and all of them sat in the vehicle and ran towards the sky with a stroke of rope.

➤ Nicholas announced happily -Hoh, Hoh, Hoh!! Merry Christmas to all !!! and good night !!

➤ The next morning, when the children woke up, they were surprised to see the gifts in their house and began to swing with joy. The children said - Look Mummy - Look, magic has happened. Someone put a gift inside this socks. Look what a cute toy.

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