Rivers of India | Ganga | Godawari | Map | Flows In You

Rivers of India | Ganga | Godawari | Map | Flows In You

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Indian River Essay - Ganga, Ghagra, Godawari, Kacch, Yamuna, Sutlaj, Saryu, Rivers Map

Rivers of India | Ganga | Godawari | Map | Flows In You
➤ Mountains, rivers and oceans form a combined trinity and unity. Rivers take their rise in mountains as a result of the melting of ice.

And every river's final home is the sea. rivers are nature's blessed gift to the earth. They are a symbol of the river of life. They represent the flux and flow of the living world.

When I think of the rivers of our country it seems as if mother India had unfastened the huge knot of her hair and her locks felt about her in flowing, rippling tresses.

➤ Civilization had its birth and grew on the banks of the rivers. Even today most of the great cities are situated on or near river banks. Most of the smaller cities and towns have a river running nearby.

Why so ? Because wells and tube-wells or canals came later and water for irrigation and a thousand other purposes could only be supplied by rivers to millions of people.

Secondly, movement of men and merchandise on small and big boats was easier, swifter and cheaper by rivers than by land. The rivers and river banks became cradles of civilization.

➤ Try to imagine the earth without rivers. Your consciousness will feel a sense of check as if the flow of life had suddenly come to a stop.

Human imagination has pictured rivers flowing in heaven. The galaxy of stars known as 'the milky way' is beautifully called in our language as Akash Ganga.

The music born of the murmuring sound of waters carries with it, as it were, in a secret language, the message of life. It is nature's jal-tarang.

Life on this planet originated in water when, as the scriptures say, the spirit of God moved on the waters. The legend of the tortoise-god and the fish-god, Kachh and Macchavatars points to the rise of life from water.

Indian River System Map - ➧➧➧ Link

➤ Fishes of many varieties, snipes, wild ducks and geese, other water fowls, turtles, crabs, lobsters and oysters supply considerable amount of food and nourishment to millions of people.

In France and some other countries frogs are considered a table delicacy. The crocodile has its home in rivers. Extremely beautiful and durable articles are made of crocodile leather.

Even the sand on river banks has its uses. And a panda (priest) makes money out of religious-minded bathers. There is also vegetation in the rivers which supplements the fooder needed for our cattle.

River bathing, swimming and boat-races have their own charms and excitements. In Banaras Buddwa Mangal is celebrated on boats. Rivers have become parts of our life and habits.

India has the distinction of paying its tributes to rivers in the form of its world famous bathing festivals at which we feel that rivers are our mothers.

We make flowr offerings to the rivers and float earthen lamps like so many flaming boats on the rippling currents of rivers.

The music born of the murmuring sound of flowing rivers is supplemented with the pictures of houses, temples, trees, the sky, the flying birds, the sun, the moon and the stars mirrored in the crystalline stream of rivers. Rivers are wonderful photographers.

➤ But God help us when rivers are angry. storms and floods strike terror in every heart and take a big toll of life and property.

Rivers create in everyone of us a sense of mystery. They attract us, the children of the earth, as a mother's lap. The very sight of a river has a soothing and a tranquilizing effect.

Some of the greatest secrets and truths of life were discovered by our sages and seers meditating on river banks. Rivers have a purifying and sanctifying effect on all of us.

What beautiful names have men in all climes given to rivers ! Ganga, Yamuna, Sutlaj, Jhelum, Ghaghara or Saryu(Sarayu), Brahmaputra, Godawari in India and Neel (The Nile), the Mississippi, the Danube, the Thames, Dajla and Faraat in other lands. We pronounce these names kissingly and caressingly.

The very names are music to the ear. They seem to be echoes of eternity. Every river can claim with Tennyson's Brook :
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on for ever.

➤ In water and from water was all life born. And the Hindus conplete the last lap of their journey on the earth on funeral pyres on the burning ghat of rivers. from the mother's lap to the mother's lap!

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