My Plans for the coming summer vacation | Indian | Brief Essay

My Plans for the coming summer vacation | Indian | Brief Essay

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My Plans for the coming summer vacation

My Plans for the coming summer vacation | Indian | Brief Essay

➽ We cannot afford expensive summer vacations. Our family has very limited means. For us, going to hill stations or to places like Bombay and Calcutta is out of the question. We are a family of agriculturists with a moderate income.

➽ But some thinking and planning are needed to spend the long summer vacations profitably and pleasurably. We feel so free that we cannot easily decide what to do with our freedom. One way is to let our morning, every day, take care of itself. Sometimes a friend or an acquaintance drops in and the morning is spent in idle talk. Plans for vacations should not be rigid or inflexible. So I plan to keep my morning free. Talking, reading, receiving or visiting friends, discussing the day's news or, if I am in the mood for an outing, to have some excursions in the neighborhood - these are my plans or ideas for spending my morning during the summer vacations. My mornings will be the time of ease and relaxation. No fixed routine.

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➽ From midday to early or late afternoon, time will be taken up by lunch and a nap or I shall do some light reading following the lunch. I plan to buy or borrow suitable books which will help me to pass the time during the afternoon hours. Idleness or so called idleness is an art and only a few lucky people know the secrets of this art. I plan to spend the afternoons in fruitful idleness. For a thoughtful life such idleness is paying.

➽ A walk in the evening and a bath and some swimming in the rivulet near our village will brace me up and will refresh me. I shall listen to the informal conversation my elders and neighbors for an hour or two. I shall have my night's meal at about nine in the night. This will be followed by some reading or some more conversation. And then to bed.

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