My Aim In Life Brief Essay

My Aim In Life Brief Essay

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Brief Essay on My Aim In Life

My Aim In Life Brief Essay
The first aim of life for anyone is to be economically well off. This is so because self-preservation is endangered without economic security. Aristotle says - "Man has not simply to live but live well." Good health and a happy family life are also part of one's aim of life.

➽ With this primary objective kept in view, my aim is to plant an orchard of five acres. This will enable me to make a solid earning or net gain of at least twenty five thousand rupees a year. This will save me and my family from want. It is a plant which will give me plenty of leisure.

➽ What will it avail a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Thus financial well-being cannot be the whole aim of life.

Man shall not live by bread alone. But man cannot live without bread either. Therefore, I have first spoken of my economic aim; but I have hither aims in life.

I wish to be a student of the best poetry and the best thought of the world. Leisure will enable me to fulfill this aim. But much reading is a weariness of the flesh. I do not wish to become a bookworm.

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➽ Many people neglect their wives. They also do not find time for the proper upbringing of their children. I will not let this happen in my case.
I will make my wife and my children happy and I shall want them to live as responsible citizens of India.

➽ I have a certain turn for writing. I want to pursue this turn or tendency. One of the aims of my life is to write readable books in which I can give the readers an account of my days and dreams.

I know that I am not an uncommonly talented person, nor am I a man of genius. But it has been said that every man has within himself the making of one book.

And that one book of which I have the making within myself I am going to write.

➽ The life of most of us is one of unfulfilled desires. To cherish an impossible aim is to invite disappointment. My aims are modest.

I do not aim too high. To do what I can according to my abilities and to be liked by my friends and neighbors nearly sums up my aim of life.

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