India Two Hundred Years Ago And Today | Essay Writing

India Two Hundred Years Ago And Today | Essay Writing

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India Two Hundred Years Ago And Today | English Essay Writing in 500 Plus Words
India Two Hundred Years Ago And Today | Essay Writing

➽ Most of us lack the historical sense and historical imagination. Let us try to contrast the past with the present.

Two hundred years ago we were somewhere in the middle, or a few decades beyond the middle, of the eighteenth century.

The Mughal empire had broken up. Politically India was going to pieces. There was political instability and disorder.

In spite of these drawbacks and disadvantages the forces of Indian civilization had, on the whole, kept going our agricultural life, our business and commercial life, our domestic and cultural life.

What things do we have today which we did not have in those days ? Within these two hundreds years British rule has come and gone.

➽ Two hundred years ago we did not have a settled political life and central and state governments established by law and order.

We had no constitution. No elections, no democracy and no parliamentary government. We did not have railways and so many roadways.

Trucks, buses, motorcars, trams, aeroplanes, steamships, even bicycles, perhaps also watches and clocks and safety razors were unknown.

Post and telegraph offices, banks and paper currency, the printing press and newspapers, electricity, electrically worked water-works, electric fans and lights were simply not there.

Weaving and spinning mills, factories, mills, and power driven workshops were yet to come. And this is a very incomplete list.

➽ Today we have more than five million English knowing Indians. We did not have them in the mid-eighteenth century.

Nor did we have the universities, the colleges, the schools, the technological and engineering institutions and other centers of scientific training which we have today.

All these have created mentally and morally a new India. To some extent and in many respects it is true that the cultivation of the Indian languages was rather neglected. yet, there has undoubtedly been an Indian renaissance and the rise of the language and literature in the Indian languages.

This is illustrated and proved by thousands of newspapers and periodicals in the fourteen languages of India.

The short story, the novel, history, biography, travel books, literary criticism, the drama, new verse forms and the entire modern Indian literature inspired by a new spirit, new visions and new ideals were unknown two hundred years ago and have become a force to reckon with in the India of today.

The India of two hundred years ago was not India-conscious. There has been, during the last more or less one century, the rise of Indian orientalists, and the renaissance of Sanskrit.

Vedic literature, the Upanishads, our epics, Sanskrit drama, Sanskrit thought and philosophy, have re-entered our consciousness and re-invigorated our cultural life.

➽ Ancient India has begun to come into its own. Also the teeming millions of India are becoming increasingly world-conscious.

But the India not of two hundred years ago but of two or more thousand years ago had certain powers and resources, a certain richness of mind, a remarkable creative power which we do not have today.

Our literature today has no authors of the stature of the authors who created Sanskrit literature. We had in the past a mind of our own.

The India of the past created, in the moral, intellectual and spiritual spheres, work which is unequaled and unsurpassed.

The India of tomorrow has to be built on the foundations of the combined culture of the successive ages of Indian history and of the modern world history. It is an inspiring and heroic task.

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