India After Freedom | Brief Essay

India After Freedom | Brief Essay

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India After Freedom

India After Freedom | Brief Essay
➽ Free India has been a fast moving India. India has acquired world-wide prestige and had drawn world-wide attention.

Parliamentary government at the Center and in the States, the abolition of the order of princes, the ending of the zamindari (landlord) system, universal franchise, the establishment of a secular welfare state, the successive Five-Year plans, a new life and a new outlook are all gifts of freedom.

➽ India has become internationally important. Her voice receives the attention of all the nations of the world at the U. N. O. and other world gatherings. She has become a force in world history.

She can no longer be ignored. But India has to do a lot of work in order to become enlightened and prosperous. She is faced with many problems. Some of these are dangerous.

Overpopulation, hunger and poverty, illiteracy, anti-democratic forces, communalism, a wrong kind of revivalism, linguism, regionalism and provincialism are the major problems and challenges which face a free India.

➽ Many other problems confront us. High and soaring princes, unemployment, bribery and corruption in administration, falling standards in education, lack of proper leadership, floods and famines, increase in crimes, insufficiency of engineers and technologists, the low quality of life, slums, the general absence of a social conscience are some of the other difficulties confronting free India.

➽ Our Government is trying its best to grapple with these problems. It is an uphill task. Freedom has come but happiness or general contentment has still to come.

The bettering of the lives of more than seventy five crores of people or fifteen crores of homes is no easy task.

The future is uncertain. Every Indian has to be on guard against evils within the national  life and against dangers from outside.

The world situation is full of promises as well as apprehensions. India has followed the policy of non-alignment.

She has worked for peace at home and abroad. The world situation, the danger from neighboring countries, forces of reaction in India, pressure from America, are factors to guard against.

But the greatest problem for India and for the world is the problem of security and universal prosperity.

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