How I Spend My Leisure Brief Essay

How I Spend My Leisure Brief Essay

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Brief Essay On How I spend my leisure

How I spend my leisure Brief Essay
➽ Spending one's leisure is an art. I am not over-studious. I only give as much time to my studies as will ensure good marks in the examination. I feel quite happy and quite at home in the company of my fellow students.

My mental gifts enable me to prepare my lessons and to work out my college exercises in much less time than my fellow students.

➽ I spend my leisure in a variety of ways. I am fond of long solitary walks in the early morning. During these walks I think of nothing in particular.

But I open my mind and heart and my eyes and ears to the sights and sounds of nature and to the influences of the scenes through which I pass.

These give me a treasure house of rich, though undefined, experiences. These experiences have little value for others.

But a rainbow, the music of birds, the refreshing caresses of the morning breeze, the beauty of the landscape - these, too, generally go unnoticed by others.

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➽ In the late afternoon or in the early evening I am fond of a lively conversation. 'Speech maketh a ready man', says Bacon.

There is too much emphasis on written work in our system of education. Without fluent conversation life becomes dull. Bookworms and over-studious people are not much of a company.

The mind is sharpened and made more flexible by conversation. Speech, if properly cultivated, enriches our personality and makes social intercourse alive and colourful.

➽ One of my favorite hobbies is to acquire technical knowledge of electricity. I learn many things in the company of and under the guidance of professional electricians. I have become an amateur electrician and I am handy when the electric fittings give trouble.

➽ Every night for an hour or so before falling asleep I read books of general interest. Biographies of great men, books of adventure, scientific fiction, entertaining story books, folk tales and folk songs, stories of animal life and articles my choice in Hindi and in English journals constitute my staple reading.

➽ I am not very fond of games and sports, but table tennis attracts me very much. It is not an easy game. Skill, alertness and practice are needed to make one a good table tennis player.

➽ Many people do not know what to do with their leisure. Time weights heavily on their shoulders. Their leisure hours are of boredom.

They are ill-at-ease unless engaged in some dull occupation. There should be some agencies for teaching and showing people how to spend their leisure.

One ought to have a wide range of interests in order to spend one's leisure hours fruitfully.

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