The Himalayas | Great History | Short Essay

The Himalayas | Great History | Short Essay

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Essay On the Great Himalayas

The Great Himalayas | History | Short Essay
➤ No other mountain ranges in any country of the world strike and impress the imagination to the same degree as the Himalayas strike and impress the imagination and the national memory of India.

Legend makes the Himalayas the seat of Shiva and Parvati. Many great rivers of India rise in the Himalayas. The Aryans came to India through the passes in the Himalayas.

➤ The invasions of Alexander, Changez Khan, Timur, the Sakas and Huns, took place through the Himalayan passes. The most recent and painful memories aroused by the Himalayas are those of the Chinese aggression against India.

➤ The Himalayas  have many places of pilgrimage. There is a legend about the snowman of the Himalayas.

The highest peak of the Himalayas, the Everest, about 29,000 ft. above the sea level, was reached by a New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary and an Indian mountaineer - Tensing, for the first time, some years ago.

Since then, of course, Mt. Everest has been conquered many times by different expeditions of mountaineers coming from different countries of the world.

The neighboring country of Nepal is situated in the Himalayas. So also are Bhutan and Sikkim. The Kashmir valley, which is known as the paradise of the earth, is on the Himalayas.

Summer resorts like Darjeeling, Nainital, Mussoori, Shimla are the beauty spots on the Himalayas. The people of these hilly parts of North India have imbibed the charming qualities of these regions.

➤ The Himalayas are very rich in timber and in big game. In the Kashmir Valley extremely delicious fruits like apple, oranges, walnuts, Shilajeet, Zafaran, Kasturi, honey and many medicinal herbs are found.

Many hermits pass their days in the wilds of the Himalays. The Himalayas are both a solid and concrete reality and a legend to the Indian people.

The Himalayas have a sanctity for every Indian. We have an unpleasant memory of the Chinese intrusion upon the sacred Himalayas.

We call to mind the thousands of our jawans who died fighting for India on the heights of the Himalayas.

But we know that this greatest mountain range in the world will always remain unconquered and will always protect our country as a brave sentry.

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