Flood Scene of India | Short Essay

Flood Scene of India | Short Essay

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Flood Scene of India

Flood Scene of India | Short Essay

➤ In Allahabad, and from Allahabad to the Bay of Bengal, a flood in the Ganga means also a flood in the Yamuna. The two river become one at the Sangam in Allahabad.

Many years ago when I was yet a small boy studying at a primary school in Allahabad the floods came.

➤ I went out with my elders to see the flood scenes from the Jamuna bridge. For a mile or so away from the bridge, ankle-deep, and in some places knee-deep water had flooded the roads.

people were moving about with their dhoties(men clothes) and trousers drawn up above the water surface. Women did the same to their sarees(women clothes) and skirts.

A domesticated monkey had got loose and was swimming on the flooded roads. It was a most amusing scene.

The monkey seemed to have entered into the very spirit of the scene and to be thoroughly enjoying itself.

➤ From the bridge the scene was breathtakingly impress. The swell, the surge and the sweep of the rushing and swirling and the high-leaping water was awesome.

It see energy were giving an exhibition of their immeasurable and unconquerable might. The water seemed to be performing feats of gymnastics.

The flood-gates of hidden energy or shakti(power) had been opened. It was water, water everywhere for miles and miles around. The scene gave us an idea of the infinite.

➤ Dead bodies of men,women and cattle, thatched roofs of houses, logs of timber, beds, utensils, boxes and other household; effects were seen floating like scattered straw.

The waves tossed them up and to and fro. At some distance only the tops of tall palm trees showed above the waters like the tangled locks of demons who had been drowned.

On a floating thatch a small child was being carried by the rushing waters in the direction of the bridge.

Resourceful and enterprising spectators at the bridge with ropes and bamboo poles anchored the floating thatch under the bridge and picked up the two-year child and saved his life from the fury of the elements.

The Seva Samiti at once took charge of the lost and bewildered child.

➤ We returned home as darkness fell. Our thought was about mother nature, who protects and from whose womb all life had sprung, suddenly taking it into her head to delight in destruction on such a vast scale.

The story of all life brings to our mind Tennyson's fine phrase:
From the great deep to the great deep.
Such was the flood-scene.
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