Evening Scene | Village | Town Essay

Evening Scene | Village | Town Essay

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An Evening Scene in My Village

Evening Scene | Village | Town Essay
➤ Every moment of day and night has its own poetry. Only when dullness overcomes us do we fail to see or perceive the glory of things.

For most people evening means that the day's work is done. There is a scientific reason for this. Everything on earth and every creature on earth derives energy from the sun.

With sunset life on the earth slows down. Evening means rest. Even rivers and streams seem to have a gentler flow in the evening.

➤ Birds are seen flying back to their resting places in the evening. It is also the hour of the cow-dust, godhooli. Cattle which are not taken out to grazing ground are fed.

India is a poor country and so earthen lamps or lanterns are lighted in every cottage but only for some time. Most villagers cannot afford the expense of burning oil.

So the lamps are lighted in every cottage but only for some time. Most villagers cannot afford the expense of burning oil. So the lamps are lighted for a while as a symbol of the worship of Lakshmi.

Now villages have begun to be electrified. When living standards improve it is that villages and the homes in the villages will not remain plunged in darkness almost for the whole night.

➤ The ploughman homeward plods his weary way, says the poet. It is a common sight in the villages for most part of the year. Most villagers take their meal early in the evening.

Often there is a lighted fire under some tree in particular spots in the village in winter months. Villagers gather round this fire and village gossip goes on.

➤ The women in the villages fill pitchers and pails of water at the village wells in the evening. Soon after they are engaged in cooking simple fare for the household.

Quiet descends on the village in the evening. Now that schools and colleges have been started in the villages, many boys are seen doing homework as eveing shades into night.

The evening scene in a village changes with the change of the seasons. But almost without change the evening is a time for village gossip to go on either under the open sky or under the roofs of houses or cottages.

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An Evening Scene in My Town

➤ The Evening brings great relief to most people living in a town or a city. Mills, factories and workshops, courts and offices generally close work in the evening.

On the roads, clusters of people, who had been working for hours in various places, are seen returning to their house on foot, on bicycles and on other conveyances.

Early in the evening many people go out marketing and the market-places are crowded. Cafes, restaurants and hotels become crowded. Street lights and the lights in shops and houses come on.

➤ Early in the evening playgrounds come to life. Games of all sorts are played in various parts of the town. Parks, lawns and other open spaces as well as the roads are the scene of evening walkers.

Clubs also show signs of life and social gathering in the evening. The evening scene in a town is a scene of contrasts marked by haste and hurry as well as by leisureliness and relaxation.

➤ Soon the night will be on us. And me will be spending the late evening or the early night either in ease and conversation or in some kind of work.

The students will be at their books. In hostels lights will be turned on in most rooms.

➤ Another feature of the evening scene in a town in public meetings. Such meetings are pretty frequent in these days of social and political awakening.

At these meetings you can hear some sense and a lot of nonsense. Sometimes one is interested but more often one is bored.

➤ Lighted vehicles including motor-cars with head-lights and tail-lights on are a common sight in the evening. In a town or a city the evenings are not so quiet as in the country-side.

Town-dwellers and city-dwellers postpone their moments of rest and relaxation by a few hours. If one wishes for calm and quiet in a town or a city, one must wait till about 8 o'clock in winter or about 9 o'clock in summer.

By this time the roads are nearly deserted and the town or the city has settled down to rest and relaxation.

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